Scheme of Work for Junior Secondary School JSS 1-3 in Nigeria PDF Download

Here we have another topic about education. This time we are going to show you how to download the scheme of work for Junior Secondary School JSS 1 – 3, first, second and third term, in Nigeria. Read on to know the curriculum and other details of Junior secondary school in Nigeria.

JSS 1-3 Scheme of Work for Junior Secondary School in Nigeria

Following the decision of the Federal Government to introduce the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme, the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) re-structured and realigned all extant Primary and Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) curricula into a 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum for implementation in Nigerian schools.

The 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum was particularly developed for the attainment of the Education for All (EFA) Goals, the critical targets of the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategies (NEEDS), and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Junior Secondary School Curriculum in Nigeria

Since the curriculum represents the total experiences to which all learners must be exposed, the contents, performance objectives, activities for both teachers and learners, teaching and learning materials and evaluation guide are provided.

However, teachers are encouraged to enrich the contents with relevant materials and information from their immediate environment, but adapting the curriculum to their needs and aspirations.

Thus the curriculum can be adapted for such special needs as nomadic education, non-formal education and education of the physically challenged.

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Scheme of Work for Pre Vocational Studies

For example, related UK subjects curricula like Home Economics, Agriculture are brought together to create a new UBE subject curriculum to be called Pre-Vocational Studies.

Scheme of Work for Religious and Value Education

Similarly, Islamic Studies, Christian Religious Studies, Social Studies, Civic Education, etc. that focus primarily on the inculcation of values (societal, moral, interpersonal) now form a new UBE subject called Religious and Value Education.

Key concepts in the former curricula will now form integrating threads for organizing the contents of the new subject into a coherent whole.

Thus the Conceptual Framework for the review of BEC comprises of a ten (10) subjects namely:

1. English Studies.
2. Mathematics.
3. Basic Science and Technology.
4. Religion and National Values (Christian Religious Studies, Social Studies, Civic Education etc).
5. Cultural and Creative Arts.
6. Business Studies.
7. Nigerian Languages.
8. Pre-vocational Studies (Home Economics, Agriculture etc).
9. French.
10. Arabic.

How to Download Scheme of Work for all Junior Secondary School JSS 1-3 Subjects

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