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What is jamb matriculation list all about and what to do if your name is not on the jamb matriculation list for nysc mobilization or
direct entry, how to print out result slip and admission letter online.

Jamb Matriculation Meaning?

It is an online record from jamb, which consist of the names of all candidates from accredited institution, that are qualified to be
enlisted for the one year National Youth Service Corps NYSC.

If a candidate name is not found on the online record, such a candidate is not eligible to apply for the compulsory nysc service.

It is paramount to verify that one name is on the matriculation list, if s/he  wish to apply for the online nysc mobilization

When is Jamb Matriculation List Closing Date or is there any Deadline

Answer: for the now, it has no closing date, it is a continuous process.

How to Check if Your Name is on Jamb Matriculation List for NYSC Mobilization or Direct Entry.

1. Visit the Jamb Matriculation List website for nysc mobilization or direct entry.
2. Select the given year you register for jamb, by click on the option Select Examination..
3. Type in your UTME Registration Number. This is made up of 8 digits and 2 Alphabet at the ending.
4. Scroll down and click on the button Fetch My Details.

YouTube Video – JAMB Matriculation List How To Check

What to Do if Your name Is not on JAMB Matriculation List for NYSC Mobilization or Direct Entry

a. First you must have accepted the admission offer from JAMB.
b. Print out your Jamb Admission Letter
c. Print out your Jamb Original result Slip
d. Verify the two Document with the admission officer in your Instituion

To be able to print out those documents (Jamb admission Letter / Original Result Slip) for NYSC Mobilization the first basic step is
to create a jamb profile.

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For you to Create a Profile on JAMB Portal do the following
1. visit the jamb profile registration page, using either your desktop devices or mobile browser.
2. Click on Create an account button.
3a. Enter A valid email address and other details as the page opens up,

3b. Click on verify email.
4. Login into your email account to retrieve a confirmation code, take note it could be in your spam folder if not seen on your
5. Then click on the link send to you by JAMB to continue the registration.
6. Enter your first name, surname, email, date of birthday, password, etc.
7. Lastly click on “Sign Up” to complete the creation of your account.

Note: The step stated above for the creation of profile does no longer work anymore when you login after creation of the profile.

How Can I Create a JAMB Profile That Work

Visiting the nearest cbt centre, or you can can reach me on mobile/whatsapp 08051311885 to enable me speed track the creation of our profile that will give your access to print out those documents that qualify one to be on the matriculation list for nysc mobilization.

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How to Print out Jamb Admission Letter or Result Slip to qualify one to be in the Matriculation List.

Requirement to be able to Print out Admission Letter and result slip online
1. Profile username and password
2. Registration number
3. Acrobat pdf software viewer or app.

Steps to Print Admission Letter and Result Slip Documents after creation of working jamb profile account

1. Visit the jamb official website for result slip and admission letter printing .

2. Type in your profile username and password.

3. Click on the login button.

On the left hand side of the Profile dashboard,

4. To Print Admission Letter, Click on the link Admission Letter to make payment to generate remita rrr code and make payment online
or through bank. After successful payment continue from step 6

5. To Print Jamb Result Slip, Click on the link Print Result Slip to make payment to generate remita rrr code and make payment
online or through bank. After successful payment continue from step 6.

6. Select the given year you intend to print.

7. Type in your UTME Registration number.

8. Click on the button Print Admission Letter or Result Slip, to download and make a print out, after print out into hard copy, make
extra photocopy of it.

9. To send admission letter or result slip to your email, click on send to the email, it will be send to the email address you used
to sign into jamb profile.

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Video – Name not on Jamb Matriculation List, What to do.

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