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Are you writing the Basic Education Certificate Examination in June/July also know as BECE or Junior WAEC?

if yes, you need the BECE Pre Vocational Past Question and Answer, Theory as well as Objective to enhance your preparatory skill in readiness to the exam.

we at has compiled all Pre-Vocational Past Question (objective and Theory) from inception of the subject – till date.

Junior WAEC Pre Vocational Studies Past Questions

Pre Vocational Studies for Junior Secondary School.

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Subjects in Pre Vocational Studies.

Pre Vocational Studies is the umbrella embracing the previous autonomous subjects of Home Economics and Agricultural Science.

Pre Vocational Studies Objective Question

INSTRUCTION: From the options lettered A-D, choose the word that is correctly used to fill in the blank spaces.

1. The management of forest and its resources is called
A. forestry.
B. forest control.
C. forest management.
D. poaching.

2. is not a method of preserving fish.
A. Canning
B. Frying
C. Salting
D. Soaking

3. Which of these is a perennial crop.
A. Cocoa
B. Ginger
C. Millet
D. Soyabean

4. Which of these is used for tightening loosed nuts and bolts?
A. Chisel
B. Spanner
C. Hammers
D. Screwdriver

5. The chemicals used in controlling weeds are called
A. acaricides.
B. bactericides.
C. herbicides.
D. rodenticides.

6. The following are cereal crops EXCEPT
A. wheat.
B. millet.
C. rice.
D. yam.

7.The following are factors of production EXCEPT….
A. Capital
B. Land
C. Labour
D. Weather

8.Ruminants have…. number of stomachs.
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

9.The science of growing of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants is known as….
A. Crop science.
B. Soil science.
C. Horticulture.
D. Veterinary medicine.

10. The following activities are post planning operations EXCEPT….
A. manuring. .
B. mulching.
C. supplying.
D. stumping.

11 is any organism which causes damage to crops or livestock.
A. Insect
C. Nematodes
D. Pest

12. The act of changing the form of farm produce in order to increase its value and utilization is
A. grading.
B. packaging.
C. processing.
D. sorting.

13.Export offish generates…. to the exporting country.
A. cowries
B. foreign exchange
C. money
D. naira

14. The process of encouraging the sales of Nigerian produces in other countries is called
A. domestic produce promotion.
B. export promotion.
C. foreign produce marketing.
D. import promotion.

15. Stock exchange involved in the trading of cash crops is
A. agricultural stock exchange.
B. market stock exchange.
C. sellers stock exchange.
D. trading stock exchange.

16. In an agricultural context, the producer is the….
A. farmer.
B. laborers.
C. manufacturer.
D. seller.

Objective Questions 17 – 60 Omitted

Pre Vocational Studies Theory Question

Answer five questions. Each question carries 4 marks.

1a. List two Home Economics careers in the following:
i. Foods and Nutrition
ii. Clothing and textiles

1b. State two (2) reasons why Home Economics is important to the following:
i. Individuals
ii. Nation

2a. List two types of sewing machines, b. List and mention the functions of two (2) parts of a sewing machine.

3a. List two agents responsible for food spoilage and poisoning.
3b. State two (2) effect of hygienic food handling.

4a. List four (4) types of records kept in a typical agricultural farm.
4b. Explain any two of the records mentioned in (4a).

5a. Define Agriculture.
5b. List five major importance of Agriculture to the society.

6a. Define the term Cultural Practices,
6b. Name five planting operation in your farm.

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