English Language Scheme of Work for JSS 1-3 1st, 2nd, 3rd Term Download PDF

Many basic education teachers and parents whose children are about to get their Secondary education in Nigeria are looking for how to download the English Language scheme of work for Nigerian Junior Secondary Schools JSS all term. The country offers Secondary education along with detailed schemes of work, if you are here, then you are at the right place.

English Language Scheme of Work in Nigeria.

The following factors guided the development of the National English Studies Curriculum for junior secondary school in Nigeria

The need to:

1. Give maximum guidance to the teacher through adequate coverage and sequential and orderly arrangement of the curriculum content;
2. Integrate contemporary national issues;
3. Integrate familiar and recognizable topics, issues and scenes;
4. Integrate emerging global issues;
5. Attainment of relevant objectives;
6. Provide practical activities for the teacher and pupils which will ensure the actualization of the set performance objectives and reinforcement of the lessons; and
7. Evaluate instruments to guide the teacher in monitoring the progress of the pupils.

The major issues highlighted include:

a. Population and Family. Life Education (Pop/FLE).
b. Drug Abuse Education.(DAE).
c. Food and Drug Safety issues.
d. Consumer Protection Education.
e. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s), Human Immune-Deficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) Education
f. Peace Education (PE).
g. Gender Issues (GI).
h. National Values: Eradication of Corruption, fraud, etc.
i. Road Safety Issues.
j. Environmental Education (EE).

In organizing the content of the National English Studies Curriculum for the primary level, topics are arrange around four basic language skills.

The skills, which form the unifying strands across the entire curriculum are introduced to pupils very early at the basic levels in order to ensure proficiency in the use of English Language. The four basic unifying skill are:

1. Reading.
2. Listening and Speaking.
3. Grammatical Accuracy.
4. Writing.

English Language Scheme of Work for JSS 1-3 Basic Skill

The English Language teacher is therefore expected to pay special attention to the learning of these basic skills.

The skills are arranged under four themes viz:

Theme 1: Reading.
Theme 2: Listening and Speaking.
Theme 3: Grammatical Accuracy.
Theme 4: Writing.

English Language Scheme of work for Junior Secondary School fifth Theme

However, at the Junior Secondary level, Literature is introduced as the fifth theme. Thus Junior Secondary School Curriculum consists of the following five themes:

Theme 1: Reading.
Theme 2: Listening and Speaking.
Theme 3: Grammatical Accuracy.
Theme 4: Writing.
Theme 5: Literature.

With this curriculum, it is expected that learners’ reading ability and communicative competence will be highly developed. Also, with the effective implementation of the curriculum, products of our school system would be sufficiently empowered for the world of work.

How to Download JSS 1-3 English Language Scheme of Work pdf in Nigeria.

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