How to Buy WAEC Verification Pin Online for NYSC Change Date of Birth

So to all interested applicant, who are seeking for outlets, shops or stores online, where they can buy the WAEC Verification PIN for NYSC can now reliably obtain it from this web page.
How to Buy WAEC Verification Pin Online for NYSC Change Date of Birth

What is WAEC Verification Pin

waec verification pin is a numerical code that is used to change your nysc online registration wrong date of birth using your waec detail.

How Much is WAEC Verification Card Cost.

By the way, speaking about how much it cost and our selling price, you will need to pay only N1300.
Quite affordable, isn’t it? In addition to this, will provide you with this link that give you full step by step procedure on how you can change your date of birth using waec verification pin that will be sent to you, after purchase and for those that already have the pin, can still make use of the link.

Advantages of Purchasing WAEC Verification Pin From Us.

There are several advantages of purchasing the verification pin from us, here we list out, the top 5 reasons why you should buy from us.

1. The foremost reason is that we are trustworthy and reliable.

2. We deliver your verification pin on time, Maximum of 30 minutes after confirmation of payment.

3. One of the most important reason to purchase online, is that you do not need to travel
distances looking for WAEC office, just pay to our account and get  the PIN and serial number delivered to you by SMS (Text Message) or if you are using whatsapp, will screenshot it for you.

4. Another reason is that we provide full assistance and aid you may need on change of date of birth issues.
5. Last but not the least, we have the best price.

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Sample or Image of WAEC Verification

Several people have asked us what WAEC Verification Pin or Card look like. The more interesting part is messages from people abroad asking for waec verification pin image.
Perhaps, someone just want to know how it actually look like, who knows?
Several people have asked us what WAEC certificate looks like. The more interesting part
For the sake of answering this question, this is a WAEC Verification Pin image
Sample or Image of WAEC Verification

How to Buy WAEC Verification Pin Online for NYSC

Step 1. Call or whatsapp me on 08051311885
After payment of the said amount (N3300) into any of the Bank account I will send to you on request.
Send an sms in this format stated below to this mobile/whatsapp number 08051311885.
• Depositor Name (your full name)
• Teller no or snap proof of transfer
• Email address:
• Services Paid for:
ATM, Mobile and Online Money transfer also accepted.
Online Payment Option
click to pay now

YouTube Video – How to Change Date of Birth in NYSC Registration Portal Using WAEC Verification Pin From Us.

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  1. Good day please after I got the verification pin from your site, I used it on NYSC portal my real date of birth came out and it said I should wait for confirmation…
    It’s 5days now and nothing has changed

    1. Nysc will go through the details you submitted manually, and effect the change once found ok. and you will be notify in your dashboard

  2. i have done all the neccessary things ohh, it says request has been submitted for approval. pls how long am i to wait??

  3. Sir, I have completed the change of weac date of birth but not yet reflected. how long does it take?

  4. I like your good work, you keep to your words, i will refer others to your web site
    Thank, I received the verification pin some minutes after i made payment, please how do i share your link on my facbook page

    1. thanks for your comment, just click on the share button, it will be share on your Facebook wall, or copy the url and paste it on your facebook page, then post it.

  5. Please sir, how can I get the verification pin, i want to effect the changes on my nysc portal

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