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National Values for Junior Secondary School.

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Subjects in National Values.

Religion and National Values is the umbrella embracing the previous autonomous subjects like Civic Education, Security Education and Social Studies.

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National Values Objective Question

INSTRUCTION: From the options lettered A-D, choose the word that is correctly used to fill in the blank spaces.

1. is a characteristics of Negative group behaviour.
B. Peace
C. Unity
D. Violence

2. The… the family differentiates the extended family from the nuclear family.
A. number of children.
B. number of wives.
C. presence of other relations.
D. the father’s authoritative words.

3. The people mostly involved in human trafficking are.
A. businessmen.
B. doctors.
C. lawyers.
D. bankers.

4. Which one of these is not a measure of preventing drug abuse? –
A. Choosing bad friends.
B. Education.
C. Forming drug free clubs.
D. Mass media.

5.One of these is NOT a consequence of human trafficking.
A.Educational deprivation.
B. Goal attainment.
C. Prostitution.
D. Sexual abuse.

6. Nuclear family includes all of the following EXCEPT.
A. cousin.
B. daughter.
C. father.
D. son.

7. Social studies is taught in schools to make students.
A. clever criminals.
B. good nation builders.
C. rude to their teachers.
D. selfish citizens.

8. The taking away of children and women from their home for domestic labour is called
A. child right.
B. domestic right.
C. drug trafficking.
D. human trafficking.

9. Vehicle drivers are advised to use when driving.
A. seat bed
B. see belt
C. seatbelt
D. seat steering

10. …….is the act of legally joining a man and a woman to become husband and wife.
A. Betrothed.
B. Co-habitation.
C. Engagement.
D. Marriage.

11.One of these is NOT a safety measure in schools.
A. Avoid contact with dangerous instruments.
B. Avoid exposed electrical wires when your hands are wet.
C. Avoid dangerous objects from the floor.
D. Run on wet floor.

12. The green traffic light means.
C. GO.

13. The provision of love and happiness is one of the advantages of
A. communal clash.
B. ethnic crisis.
c. good education.
D. living together.

14.Unhealthy competition, disagreement and difficulty in maintaining large families are disadvantages of ……..
A. good family.
B. large family.
C. living together.
D. small family.

15.The Red traffic tight means.

16.Reputation means.
A. the opinion that people have about how good or bad a person is.

National Values Theory Question

Answer any five questions with a least one from each section and each question carries 4 marks.

Social Studies Past Question Theory

1a. Define Human Trafficking,
b. Mention three (3) factors or causes of human trafficking.
c. Explain any one of the causes.

2a. Define family.
b. Mention and EXPLAIN the two main types of family.

Civic Education Past Question Theory

3a. What is human right?
b. Identify four (4) groups that helps to protecting the human right of citizens.
c. State two (2) roles of individual in protecting human right.

4. Highlight five types of negative behaviour in our society.

Security Education Past Question Theory

5a. What is emergency management?
b. State two (2) function each of the following.
i. The Nigerian Army
ii. The Nigerian Navy
iii. The Nigerian Police

6a. What is food contamination?
b. State the ways food can get contaminated.
c. What are the common ways of identifying contaminated food?

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