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National Common Entrance Examination Past Questions Paper and Answer…. This examination is administered by National Examinations Council NECO to pupils in their 6th year of primary schooling which is the final stage of primary education in Nigeria. The purpose of this examination is to select the best candidates from every state of the federation and the federal Capital territory (FCT) for admission into federal Unity colleges.

These Colleges are essentially, Secondary Schools owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria, their objective is to foster unity among the children of NIGERIA.

National Common Entrance Examination into Federal Government College

First Screening Test
Results of the first examination determines candidates that qualify for a second examination based on cut-off marks for each state.

The National Common Entrance Examination 1st Screening Test consist of the following:

Part A – Mathematics and General Science

Part B – Quantitative and Vocational Aptitude

Part A – English and Social Studies

Part B – Verbal Aptitude

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NCEE National Common Entrance Examination Interview Test

Second Screening Interview Test
The results of the second examination qualifies candidates for admission based on merit, equal state quota and environment considerations.

NCEE Second Interview takes two stages.

Stage One: Written tests
You are often tested in three subjects –
English, Arithmetic and General Knowledge/Paper. The examination lasts for a few days.

Stage Two: Personal interview
You meet the examiner face to face and answer some oral questions. You may be required to read a given passage and then answer some oral questions on what you have read.

Here, the examiner watches to find out how you read, understand and speak English.

Download Nigeria Common Entrance Past Questions and Answer PDF Sample

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How to Download National Common Entrance Examination Past Question Paper and Answer

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The uploaded National Common Entrance NCEE Past Questions Paper and Answers and the second Interview test are suitable for the following college:

  1. Federal Government College Anka (Mixed)
  2. Federal Government College Azare (Mixed)
  3. Federal Government College Biliri (Mixed)
  4. Federal Government College Birnin Kebbi (Mixed)
  5. Federal Government College Buni-Yadi (Mixed)
  6. Federal Government College Daura (Mixed)
  7. Federal Government College Enugu (Mixed)
  8. Federal Government College Ganye (Mixed)
  9. Federal Common Entrance Past Question Papers

  10. Federal Government College Ibillo (Mixed)
  11. Federal Government College Idoani (Mixed)
  12. Federal Government College Ikirun (Mixed)
  13. Federal Government College Ikole Ekiti (Mixed)
  14. Federal Government College Ikom (Mixed)
  15. Federal Government College Ikot-Ekpene (Mixed)
  16. Federal Government College Ilorin (Mixed)
  17. Federal Government College Jos (Mixed)
  18. Federal Government College Kaduna (Mixed)
  19. Federal Government College Kano (Mixed)
  20. Federal Government College Keffi (Mixed)
  21. Federal Government College Kiyawa (Mixed)
  22. Nigeria Common Entrance Past Questions and Answers pdf

  23. Fed Government College Kwali (Mixed)
  24. Fed Government College Lagos (Mixed)
  25. Fed Government College Maiduguri (Mixed)
  26. Fed Government College Minna (Mixed)
  27. Fed Government College Nise (Mixed)
  28. Fed Government College Odi (Mixed)
  29. Fed Government College Odogbolu (Mixed)
  30. Fed Government College Ogbomoso (Mixed)
  31. Fed Government College Ohafia (Mixed)
  32. Fed Government College Okigwe (Mixed)
  33. Fed Government College Okposi (Mixed)
  34. Fed Government College Otobi (Mixed)
  35. Fed Government College Portharcourt (Mixed)
  36. Fed Government College Rubochi (Mixed)
  37. Fed Government College Sokoto (Boys Only)
  38. Fed Government College Ugwolawo (Mixed)
  39. Fed Government College Vandeikya (Mixed)
  40. Fed Government College Warri (Mixed)
  41. Fed Government College Wukari (Mixed)
  42. NECO Common Entrance Past Question Papers

  43. Fed Government Girls College Abaji (Girls Only)
  44. Fed Government Girls College Abuloma (Girls Only)
  45. Fed Government Girls College Akure (Girls Only)
  46. Fed Government Girls College Bajoga (Girls Only)
  47. Fed Government Girls College Bakori (Girls Only)
  48. Fed Government Girls College Bauchi (Girls Only)
  49. Fed Government Girls College Benin (Girls Only)
  50. Fed Government Girls College Bida (Girls Oly)
  51. Fed Government Girls College Bwari (Girls Only)
  52. Fed Government Girls College Calabar (Girls Only)
  53. Fed Government Girls College Efon-Alaye (Girls Only)
  54. Fed Government Girls College Ezzamgbo (Girls Only)
  55. Fed Government Girls College Gboko (Girls Only)
  56. Fed Government Girls College Gusau (Girls Only)
  57. Fed Government Girls College Gwandu (Girls Only)
  58. Fed Government Girls College Ibusa (Girls Only)
  59. Fed Government Girls College Ikot-Obio-Itong (Girls Only)
  60. Fed Government Girls College Imiringi (Girls Only)
  61. Fed Government Girls College Ipetumodun (Girls Only)
  62. State Common Entrance Past Questions

  63. Fed Government Girls College Jalingo (Girls Only)
  64. Fed Government Girls College Kabba (Girls Only)
  65. Fed Government Girls College Kazaure (Girls Only)
  66. Fed Government Girls College Keana (Girls Only)
  67. Fed Government Girls College Langtang (Girls Only)
  68. Fed Government Girls College Lejja (Girls Only)
  69. Fed Government Girls College Min-Jibir (Girls Only)
  70. Fed Government Girls College Monguno (Girls Only)
  71. Fed Government Girls College New Bussa (Girls Only)
  72. Fed Government Girls College Omuaran (Girls Only)
  73. Fed Government Girls College Onitsha (Girls Only)
  74. Fed Government Girls College Owerri (Girls Only)
  75. Fed Government Girls College Oyo (Girls Only)
  76. Fed Government Girls College Potiskum (Girls Only)
  77. Fed Government Girls College Shagamu (Girls Only)
  78. Fed Government Girls College Tambuwal (Girls Only)
  79. Fed Government Girls College Umuahia (Girls Only)
  80. Fed Government Girls College Yola (Girls Only)
  81. Fed Government Girls College Zaria (Girls Only)
  82. Primary School Common Entrance Past Questions Paper

  83. Fed Science And Technical College Ahoada (Mixed)
  84. Fed Science And Technical College Awka (Mixed)
  85. Fed Science And Technical College Dayi (Mixed)
  86. Fed Science And Technical College Doma (Mixed)
  87.  Fed Science And Technical College Ijebu Mushin (Girls & Boys)
  88. Fed Science And Technical College Ikare-Akoko (Mixed)
  89. Fed Science And Technical College Jalingo (Girls & Boys)
  90. Fed Science And Technical College Kafanchan (Mixed)
  91. Fed Science And Technical College Lassa (Mixed)
  92. Fed Science And Technical College Michika (Mixed)
  93. Fed Science And Technical College Ohanso (Mixed)
  94. Fed Science And Technical College Orozo (Mixed)
  95. Fed Science And Technical College Otukpo (Mixed)
  96. Fed Science And Technical College Shiroro (Mixed)
  97. Fed Science And Technical College Tungbo (Mixed)
  98. Fed Science And Technical College Uromi (Mixed)
  99. Fed Science And Technical College Usi-Ekiti (Mixed)
  100. Fed Science And Technical College Uyo (Girls Only)
  101. Fed Science And Technical College Yaba (Mixed)
  102. National Common Entrance Past Questions Papers

  103. Federal Science And Technical College Zuru (Mixed)
  104. Federal Government Boys College Garki (Boys Only)
  105. King’s College Lagos (Boys Only)
  106. Queen’s College, Lagos (Boys Only)


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