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Are you looking for documents that discuss or highlight the following area, Primary Curriculum (Cambridge), Early Child Learning, How to Start your creche or early child business, Teaching Method by Maria Montessori, School Policy, Success Motivational book, EYFS Handbook and Curriculum plus other useful e-book,

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Early Childhood Learning

01. Beginners Guide to Montessori Method of Teaching
02. Learning Through Play in the Early Years

Daycare Business Plan

03. Creches-Guide -Application to Operate a Creche
04. How to Start a Quality Child Care Business
05. Setting Up a Creche

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Scheme of Work for Nursery Schools in Nigeria
Primary School Scheme of Work
JSS 3 Scheme of Work in Nigeria
Scheme of Work for Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Maria Montessori Method of Teaching

06. Maria Montessori – Dr. Montessori’s Own-Handbook
07. Maria Montessori – Spontaneous Activity in Education
08. Maria Montessori – The Absorbent Mind
09. Maria Montessori – The Montessori Elementary Material

School Guidelines Policies and Procedures

10. School Bus Policy
11. School Fee Policy
12. School Policy Frame Work
13. Stem Education Policy Statement 2017-2026

Success Motivational E-book

14. John C. Maxwell – How Successful People Think
15. The Ben Carson Story – Gift Hands

EYEFS Curriculum and Handbook

16. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum
17. Early Years Foundation Stage Profile 2018 Handbook
18. Early Years Foundation Stage Profile 2019 Handbook

Cambridge Curriculum for Primary

19. Cambridge Primary Brochure
20. Cambridge Primary Mathematics – Curriculum outline
21. Cambridge Primary Teacher Guide Book – English
22. Cambridge Primary Teacher Guide Book – Science


19. 15 Hour Revision English Booklet – Year 5 Entry into Year 6
20. Montessori Primary Curriculum From year 2 and Half to 6 Years of Age
21. The School Curriculum in England
22. TRCN – Teacher Code of Conduct

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