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Auto Mechanical Work Paper 2 – Essay or Theory Questions
Auto Mechanical Work Paper 3 – Objective Test Questions

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NECO SSCE Auto Mechanical Work Past Questions

NECO Auto Mechanical Work Past Questions

2 hour 30 Minutes

Each question is followed by five options lettered A – E. Choose the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space that bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question and erase completely any answer you wish to change. Do all rough work on this question paper.

An example is given below:

Which of the following is used to control the unwanted motion in a spring-mounted on vehicle

A. Differential gear
B. Positive clutch
C. Power steering
D. Rack and pinion
E. Shock absorber

The correct option is ‘Shock absorber’ which is lettered E. Therefore, answer space E would be shaded.
[A] [C] [D] [E]

NECO Auto Mechanics Work Objective Questions

NECO Auto Mechanical Work Objective Questions

1. Accident in the workshop are caused by __ of the victim
A. calmness
B. carelessness
C. diligence
D. expertise
E. orderliness

2. In a four-stroke engine, inlet valve open during the _ stroke
A. compression
B. exhaust
C. expansion
D. induction
E. power

3. The __ is component of exhaust system in a motor vehicle
A. filter
B. hose
C. muffler
D. pump
E. thermostat

4. Mechanical brakes are connected in the rear wheels of a motor vehicle by
A. cables
B. cams
C. levers
D. links
E. pulleys

5. Rapid combustion of fuel that results to knocking sound in the cylinder can be referred to as
A. backfiring.
B. detonation.
C. engine knock.
D. pinking.
E. sludge.

6. In the lubrication system, the measure of resistance of oil to flow is referred to as
A. fluidity.
B. oiliness.
C. pour-point.
D. viscosity.
E. viscosity index.

7. The____is a component of a motor vehicle cooling system.
A. diaphragm
B. filter
C. rotor
D. stator
E. thermostat

8. Material used to produce cylinder block is
A. aluminium alloy.
B. annealed copper.
C. mild steel.
D stainless steel.
E. wrought iron.

9. Which of the following is not a property of piston?
A. Good conductor of heat
B. High heat resistance
C. Low thermal expansion
D. Slide freely
E. Very heavy in weight

10. The triangular stand shown below is a sign of
A bump ahead.
B. cross road.
C. danger ahead.
D. narrow bridge.
E. tri-junction.

11.The number of cylinders that can be found in an inline engine is
A. eight.
B. seven.
C. six.
D. twelve.
E. two.

12. Gearbox is fitted between the ___and
A. clutch, universal joint.
B. clutch, differential.
C. differential, final drive.
D. rear axle, propeller shaft.
E. universal joint, propeller . shaft.

13. During front wheel alignment, the component that is adjusted is the
A. drag link.
B. drop arm.
C. relay arm.
D. steering arm.
E. track rod.

14. Auto mechanic tool that is mostly used with a ratchet is
A. Hat spanner.
B. ring spanner.
C. socket spanner.
D. torque wrench.
E wheel spanner.

15. Unsprung weight of a vehicle is supported by the
A. chassis.
B coil spring,
C. engine seat.
D. shock absorber.
E. tyre.

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Essay Questions for NECO Auto Mechanical Work

Auto Mech Work NECO Essay Questions

Answer four questions only.

1(a) State the purpose of suspension system in n motor vehicle. (2 marks)
1(b) Enumerate three types of suspension system. (3 marks)
1(c) Sketch and label five ports of a semi-elliptic spring. (10 marks)

2(a) Define safety. (2 marks)
2(b) Explain the following in relation to management of resources in Auto Mechanical Shop: (5 marks)

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3(a) (5 marks)
3(b) (2 marks)
3(c) (8 marks)

4(a) State four purposes of engine lubrication. (4 marks)
4(b) Differentiate between force-feed and splash-feed lubrication systems. (4 marks)
4(c) What is the purpose of oil filter in lubrication system? (2 marks)
4(d) Neatly sketch an engine piston and label any two parts. (5 marks)

5(a) State three objectives of setting up an automobile business (3 marks)
5(b) Explain the following management functions as it relates to automobile business.(12 marks)
5(b)(i) Planning
5(b)(ii) Directing
5(b)(iii) Organising
5(b)(iv) Coordinating

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