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Catering Craft Practice Paper 1 – Objective Test Questions
Catering Craft Practice Paper 2 – Essay or Theory Questions

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Catering Exam Questions and answers for WAEC

Objective Test
40 minutes
[40 marks]

Answer all the questions.

Each questions is followed by four option lettered A to D. Find the correct option for each questions and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen.

Give only one answer to each question. An example is given below.

A mixture of fruit juices served as a drink is termed
A. lemonade.
B. orangeade.
C. punch.
D. ginger ale.

The correct answer is punch, which is lettered C and therefore answer space C would be shaded.

[A] [B] [C] [D]

Think carefully before you shade the answer space, erase completely any answer(s) you wish to change.

Now answer the following questions.

WAEC Catering Craft Practice Objective Questions

1.The type of menu that offers the same dishes everyday is
A. table d’hote menu
B. specially menu
C. a la carte menu
D. static menu

2. An area of study that specializes on provision of foods and drinks is
A. hospitality.
B. tourism.
C. catering.
D. leisure

3. When a restaurant predicts its expected guest based on room count it is known ns
A. rate of return
B. marketing,
C. guest forecast.
D. servicing.

4. A kitchen equipment that could be used for toasting and baking is a/an
A. oven.
B. salamander.
C. broiler.
D. steamer.

5. Anchovy is a types of
A. Oily fish
B. Lean fish
C. white fish
D. flat fish

6. Transferring bacteria from contaminated to uncontaminated foods via hands is known as
A. food poisoning.
B. cross contamination.
C. food infection.
D. self contamination.

7. The term that describes the thickness of flour mixture is .
A. watery.
B. texture.
C. consistency.
D. droopy.

8. Sommelier is also referred to as
A. apprentice waiter.
B. station waiter.
C. wine waiter.
D. head waiter.

9. The term pane means
A. cheese bailee
B. hollandaise sauce.
C. chopped, floured and sauted
D. floured, egged and crumbled.

10. Lamb is a rich source of
A. carbohydrates.
B. mineral.
C. vitamins,
D. protein.

11. A burn is an accident that could be caused by hot
A. iron.
B. oil.
C. Water
D. food.

12. Another name for hot cupboard is hot
A. pan.
B. cubicle.
C. plate.
D. basin.

13. Venison refer to
A. a type of meat.
B. meat of a deer
C. a type of fish,
D. meal of a rabbit

14. What is another name for hors d oeuvre?
A. First course
B. Second course
C. Third course
D. Fourth course

15. Caviar is obtained from
A. salmon
B. Skate.
C. sturgeon
D. sole

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Catering Craft Practice Essay Questions.

[40 marks]

Answer five questions only. Each questions carries eight marks

Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of materials

1a. State the six general procedures for taking cash payment in catering establishment [6 marks]
1b. State two qualities of a supervisor in a catering establishment. [2 marks]

2a. List two items in a first aid box [2 marks]
2b. Define the term first aider [2 marks]
2c. List four firefighting equipment [4 marks]

3. Give the meaning of the following terms in the hospitality industry:
3a. Check-in [2 marks]
3b. Reservation [2 marks]
3c .Forecast [2 marks]
3d. Walk-in [2 marks]

4a. State four points to consider when selecting and serving beverages. [4 marks]
4b. Highlight four characteristics of alcoholic beverages [4 marks]

5ai. List the two types of games [2 marks]
5aii. Give one example of each types of games listed in 5(a)(i) above [2 marks]
5b. Itemize four types of chicken [4 marks]

6a. List four general service equipment found in a restaurant.[4 marks]
6b. State one use of each of the following types of knives
6bi. Palette knife [1 marks]
6bii. Bread knife [1 marks]
6biii. Butcher’s knife [1 marks]
6biv. Filleting Knife [1 marks]

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