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WASSCE/WAEC Auto Mechanical Work Past Questions

Auto Mechanical Work 1
Objective Test
45 Minutes
[40 marks]

Answer all the questions.

Each questions is followed by four option lettered A to D. Find the correct option for each questions and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question. An example is given below.

An example of rear-engine rear-wheel drive vehicle is
A. Volkswagen Beetle
B. Toyota Camry
C. trailer.
D. pickup

The correct answer is Volkswagen, which is lettered A, and therefore answer space D would be shaded.

[A] [B] [C] [D]

Think carefully before you shade the answer space, erase completely any answer(s) you wish to change.

Now answer the following questions.

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  • WAEC-Auto-Mech-Work-Questions-Essay-and-Objective
  • WASSCE-Auto-Mechanical-Work-Sample-Questions-PDF

WAEC Objective Questions on Mechanics/Auto Mechanical Work

1.Taps are used for
A. making internal threads.
B. making round holes in metals.
C. cutting sheet metals.
D. driving rails into metals sheets.

2. The instrument used to measure both internal and external diameters of open cylinders is
A. outside calipers.
B. inside calipers.
C. Micrometer gauge.
D. telescopic gauge.

3. One merit of torque wrench that it
A. gives desired torque.
B. can also be used to measure thread angle.
C. does not require corrective maintenance.
D. does not require external power.

4. One example of corrective maintenance is
A. reinforcement of chassis frames.
B. replacement of broken piston ring.
C. cleaning of used tools-
D. separation of aluminum tools from sleet tools.

5. Another name for conventional vehicle layout is
A. rear-engine rear-wheel-drive
B front-engine rear-wheel drive
C front-engine front-wheel drive
D. four-wheel drive,

6. The peculiar attribute of a tour-wheel drive is the
A. presence of four wheels in a vehicle
B. similarity of tyre across the four
C. presence of four propellers shall in vehicle
D. even distribution of torque across for when

7. The type of vehicle layout that makes use of one propeller shaft is
A. rear-engine rear-wheel drive.
B. front-engine front-wheel drive.
C. four-wheel drive.
D front-engine rear-wheel drive.

8. The power developed inside the engine cylinder is called
A. cycle power.
B. braking power
C. indicates power.
D. frictional power.

9. The motion of the cam is transferred to the value through
A. piston.
B. rocker arm.
C. camshaft pulley.
D. valve stem

10. The big end of the connecting rod of an engine is connected to
A. rain bearing journal
B. crankshaft
C. crankpin
D. gudgeon pin

I1. How many times does sparking of spark plug occur in a cycle of operation for a 4-stroke spark-ignition engine?
A Once
B. Twice
C. Three times
D. Four times

12. One feature of propeller shaft is
A sun gear.
B universal joint.
C. constant velocity joint.
D. knuckle joint

13. Suspension springs are held lo the axle by means of
A. centre bolt,
B cotter pins.
C U-bolt
D circlip

18. Which of the following parts is not a member of independent suspension system?
A Coil spring
B. Ball joint
C. Swinging shackle
D. Damper

19. The Ackerman principle is applicable in
A. ensuring centre-point steering.
B. fastening stub axle to beam.
C. securing stub axle to beam.
D. ensuring smooth ride when cornering.

20. One merit of a power-assisted steering is that, it
A. ensures smooth ride.
B. reduces the weight of the steering system.
C. does not require fluid for its operation.
D. does not require additional power source.

21. Which of the following is not a part of power steering?
A. Fluid reservoir
B. Rotor pump
C Pressure reservoir
D. Impeller pump

22. When the turning of a vehicle is sharper than the cornering effort of the driver at the steering condition is termed
A. toe-in.
B. toe-out.
C. oversteer.
D. understeer.

23. The measure of oil flow is termed
A. adhesion.
B. viscosity.
C. viscosity index.
D. flash-point.

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WAEC/WASSCE Auto Mechanics Theory Questions

WASSCE Auto Mechanics 2006 – PAPER 2
[60 marks]
Answer four questions only from this section.

Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material. All questions carry equal marks.

1. The sketch below is a unit in the liquid cooling system.
1(a)(i) Identify the unit.
1(a)(ii) State the purpose of the unit.
1(b) Name the parts labelled A, B, C, D, E and F.
1(c) State four defects in the cooling system that can cause engine overheating.

2(a) Explain the following terms in connection with carburettors:
2(a)(i) weak mixture;
2(a)(ii) rich mixture;
2(a)(iii) correct mixture.
2(b) What devices are provided on the carburettor for adjusting mixture strength?
2(c) Describe the operation of a mechanical fuel pump.

3(a) State three functions of engine oil.
3(b) Explain the following lubrication terms:
3(b)(i) boundary,
3(b)(ii) film.
3(c) State the purpose of an oil filter in a lubrication system.
3(d) Name three types of engine oil pumps.

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