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Fishery Paper 2 – Theory/Essay Questions.
Fishery Paper 3 – Objective Test Questions.

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NECO Fishery Objective Questions – Paper 3.

Paper 3 will last for 1 hours
Attempt all questions from this section
Answer Paper 3 on your objective test answer sheet,
Use HB pencil throughout.

NECO Paper 3 Objective Test Questions in Fishery.

1. Small part of fish population taken out for observation is
A. total cropping
B. test cropping.
C. partial cropping.
D. over stocking.
E. annual cropping.

2. Fish culture system that depends mainly on natural food for survival is called
A. polyculturc.
B. monoculture.
C. intensive.
D. integrated.
E. extensive.

3. Spot feeding involves
A. feeding of fish at any point
B. feeding of fish at a particular point.
C. feeding at night.
D. feeding at I0 hours interval.
E. broadcasting of feed on the surface of the water.

4. An organism that feeds on cultured fish is a/an
A. predator.
B. parasite.
C. omnivore.
D. herbivore.
E. carnivore.

5. The common name for Citharinus citharus is
A. tiger fish.
B. moon fish.
C. grass eater.
D. catfish.
E. african caps.

6. The changing of ammonia to nitrates through nitrification process by bacteria in water re-circulatory system is termed
A. siphoning.
B. mechanical filtration.
C. carbondioxidc removal
D. biological filtration.
E. aeration

7. The placing of fish in clean water for a short time to adjust to the environment is called
A. preservation.
B. fertilization.
C. departuration.
D. conservation.
E. acclimatization

8. The excessive growth of algae in water bodies due to substantial increase in nutrients is termed
A. vapourization.
B. pollution.
C. fertilization
D. evaporation
E. euthrirtcation.

9. The following are gears used in cropping fish except — net
A. seine
B. scoop
C. plankton
D. drag
E. cast

10. The act of cutting fish into pieces for the purpose of processing and preservation is called de-
A. scalling.
B. gutting.
C. gilling.
D. finning.
E. capilalion.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 11 and 12.

11 The diagram represents a
A. trap.
B. spear.
C. drag net
D. cast net.
E. basket.

12. rise diagram is used for____ fish.
A. transporting
B. rearing
C. protecting
D. preserving
E. cropping

13. What is the area of an earthen pond whose length is 215 m
and the breath is 115m?
A. 24725m2
B. 12362.5m2
C. 330 m2
D. 100m2
E. 1.87 m2

14. Which of the following causes competition in cultured fish?
A. Understocking
B. Over stocking
C. Over feeding
D. High water level
E. High organic loading

15. Fish meal, fish oil and fish mince are
A. raw materials.
B. fish meals.
C. fish feeds.
D. feed additives.
E. by-products.

16. The union of two gametes (egg and milt) to form a zygote is called
A. ejaculation
B. fertilization.
C. ovulation
D. reproduction.
E. spawning.

17. The following are fish feed ingredients of plant origin except
A. bone meal.
B cassava peel.
C. maize meal.
D. rice bran.
E. wheat offal.

18. Which of the following sequence is correct in the classification of fish?
A. Kingdom – class- phylum – family- order – genus – species
B. Kingdom- class- phylum- order- family- genus – species
C. Kingdom – genus- species – class- phylum – family- order
D. Kingdom- phylum – class- family- order- genus- species
E. Kingdom- phylum- class- order- family- genus- species

19. Harvesting of fish from the fish cage is called
A. collecting.
B. counting.
C. cropping.
D. culling.
E. cultivating.

20. Another name Tor laying of eggs by areochronmis nitlolicus is
A. cropping.
B. feeding.
C. liming.
D. milting.
E. spawning.

21. The instrument used for testing acidity level of dam water is
A. Barometer.
B. Conductivity meter.
C. pH meter.
D. sechi disc.
E. thermometer.

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NECO Fishery Theory Question – Paper 2

This paper consists of two Sections: A and B.
Answer five questions only: one from section A and four from Section B.
Write your answer in blue or black ink in your answer booklet.
All questions carry equal marks.

Fishery NECO Theory Questions

Fishery Theory Questions – SECTION A

Answer one question only from this section.

1. State four effects of parasite on fingerlings in a nursery pond. (4 marks)
b. Write short notes on the following:
(i) aquaculture (2 marks)
(ii) fecundity (2 marks)
(iii) pond (2 marks)
(iv) spawn (2 marks)
c. (i) Name four advantages of polyculture system in fish farming. (4 marks)
(ii) Enumerate two advantages and two disadvantages of extensive system in fish rearing. (4 marks)

2a. Draw a well labelled diagram (10 to 12 cm long) of a spade. (4 marks)
b. Mention four effects of high temperature on cultured fish. (4 marks)
c. (i) In a tabular form, list three feed stuffs and their classes (6 marks)
(ii) In chronological order, list six steps involved in fish pond management. (6 marks)

3a. Mention five benefits of fish farming. (5 marks)
b. State four advantages of organic to inorganic fertilizer in a fish pond. (4 marks)
c. (i) Define fishing gear. (2 marks)
(ii) List five materials used as sinker. (5 marks)
(iii) As a fish farm manager, you discovered that your fishes have fin rot as a result of bad water. State four ways of improving their health. (4 marks)

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