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Visual Arts 2 – Theory/Essay Questions.
Visual Arts 3 – Objective Test Questions.

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Visual Arts NECO Past Questions

SSCE NECO Visual Arts Objective Questions – Paper 3.

Paper 3 will last for 1 hours
Attempt all questions from this section
Answer Paper 3 on your objective test answer sheet,
Use HB pencil throughout.

Each question is followed by five options lettered A – E. Find out the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space which bears the same as the option you have chosen.

Give only one answer to each question and erase completely any answer you wish to change. Do all rough work on this question paper.

What is the name given to a fired and unglazed clay ware?

A.       Biscuit

B.       Glaze

C.       Leather

D        Luster

E.       Terra cotta

The correct option is ‘Biscuit’ which is letter A Therefore answer space A would be Shaded.

          [A]      [B]      [C]      [D]      [E]

Think carefully before you shade the answer spaces; erase completely any answer(s) you wish to change Now answer the following questions

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Paper 3 NECO Objective Test Questions in Visual Art.

1. The drawing above suggests
A. dozing.
B. fear.
C. laughter.
D. smile.
E. yawning.

2. The art of cutting shapes from pieces of cloth and sewn them into a larger piece of fabric 	to form design is referred to as
A. applique.
B. pasting.
C. patching.
D. stitching.
E. weaving.

3. The following tools are used for carving except
A. awl.
B. axe.
C. chisel.
D. mallet.
E. spatula.

4. Which of the following is oldest art Tradition in Nigeria?
A. Benin
D. Esic
C. Ife
D. Tsoede
E. Nok

5. The process of removing air pockets from day is known as
A. firing.
B. glazing.
C  kneading.
D. plasticity.
E. pounding.
6. Which of the following states is popularly known for pit dyeing?
A. Benin
B. Imo
C. Kano
D. Lagos
E. Plateau

7. The white substance made from chalk and gum for priming canvas surface is called
A. alia prima.
B. gesso.
C. gloss.
D. turpentine.
E  whitening.

8. Tonal gradation is an orderly arrangement of
A. colour.
B. line.
C. shade.
D. space.
E. texture.

9. Still life implies drawing from
A. figure
B. imaginative.
C. landscape.
D. nature.
E. object.

10. The architectural style of medival Europe characterised by semi-circular arches is called
A. baroque.
B. byzanlinc.
C. gothic.
D. renaissance.
E. romanesque.

11. In perspective drawing, where two lines appear to meet at the horizon is referred to as
A. background.
B. eye level.
C. line of horizon.
D. sky level.
E. vanishing point.

12. The drawing above represents a ____dimensional art.
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6

13. An appreciation enables the artist to _____the qualities in a good art work,
A. decrease
B. evaluate
C. improve
D. increase
E. sustain

14. The main purpose of the pre-historic art is for
A. beautification.
B. celebration.
C. fertility.
D. healing.
E. survival"

15. A method of colouring fabric with the use of wax to resist dye penetration is called
A. batik.
B. bleaching.
C. embroidery.
D. painting.
E. tie and dye.

16.The binding agent in a paper pulp is
A. engine oil.
B. evostic gum.
C. grog.
D. slip.
E. starch.

17. Variation in colour application is a workable process in
A. craft.
B. drawing.
C. graphics design.
D. painting.
E. textile design.

18. Which of the following cannot be used as a major tool for three dimensional art works?
A. Axe
B. Hammer
C. Lino
D. Mallet
E. Wire

19. Tanning of animal hides and skins is popularly practiced among the _____people.
A. Hausa
B. Igala
C. Igbo
D. Nupe
E. Yoruba

20. Which of the following is not a product of a graphic artist?
A. Complimentary card
B. Crest
C. Photographs
D. Purse
E. Sign board
21. The tool used to trim paper or printed book is called
A. cutting knife.
B. enlarger.
C. gullotine.
D. light box.
E. throwing machine.

22. Which of the following is used by the local Nigerian weavers?
A. Glass
B. Linen
C. Loom
D. Paper
E. Wood

23.Which of the following is best use in the absence of clay?
A. Cement
B. Clay
C. Soup
D. Slone
E. Wood

24. The drawing above is a sketch of a/an
A. Classroom.
B. Landscape
C. Object
D. Seascape
E. Still Life

25. Who is the traditional ruler of the Egyptian among the following?
A. Emir
D. Emperor
C. King
D. Pharaoh
E. Queen

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NECO Visual Arts Essay Questions

Make a detailed study and draw the following carpentry tools as arranged on an uncovered table. 
- G clamp
- Plane
- Saw
- Hammer 

2. DRAWING FROM NATURE - omitted from this free online copy, get it in the paid copy 

Answer only four questions
1 Discuss Ashanti Arts under the following headings.
(i) Location
(ii) Medium
(iii) Characteristics
(iv) Uses or importance

2. Write short note on the following art terminologies:
(a) Photography
(b) Drawing
(c) Alla prima
(d) Layout
(c) Weaving

3. Name and explain the contributions of any five Nigerian Contemporary Artists and give at least three examples of notable works of the five mentioned. 

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