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NECO Commerce Paper 2 – Theory/Essay Questions.
NECO Commerce Paper 3 – Objective Test Questions.

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National Examination Council NECO Commerce Past Questions

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Free Commerce NECO Past Questions Download

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NECO Commerce Objective Questions

Answer Paper III on your objective Test Answer Sheet.
Paper 3 will Last for 1 Hour
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Commerce Paper 3 – Objective Test Questions

1. The coming together of independent firms to carry out a project which is too complex for a single firm to undertake is known as
A. amalgamation.
B. cartel.
C. consortium.
D. syndicate.
E. trust.

2. Mr Isa Musa collected a loan of Nl00,000 from Access bank pic. In return, he paid Ml 10,000. What is the N10,000 to die bank?
A. Capital
B. Commission
C. Interest
D. Investment
E. Profit

3. A contract is said to be valid when the following are in place except
A. acceptance.
B. breach.
C. consideration.
D. legal intent.
E. offer.

4. An asset mortgagee for the purpose of borrowing money is referred to as
A. capital.
B. collateral.
C. current asset.
D. documentary credit.
E. fixed asset.

5. Workers who obtain raw materials and natural resources from land are engaged in___occupation.
A. commercial
B. constructive
C. extractive
D. industrial
E. manufacturing

6. The function of money which allows for future settlement of debt is
A. measure of value.
B. medium of exchange.
C. standard for deferred payment.
D. store of value.
E. unit of account.

7. Articles of association is a requirement for the establishment of
A. cooperative society.
B. limited liability company.
C. partnership business.
D. public corporation.
E. sole proprietorship business.

8. Which of the following statements is true with holders of ordinary shares? They
A. are entitled to get back their capital first at winding up.
B. are the first to receive dividend.
C. have fixed rate of dividend.
D. have voting rights.
E. receive dividends whether profits are made or not.

9. The process of buying, selling and distributing goods and services defines
A. commerce.
B. exchange.
C. marketing.
D. production.
E. trade.

Objective Commerce Paper 3 Questions

10. Branding is useful in marketing because it gives the product
A. quality.
B. safety.
C. uniqueness.
D. utility.
E. value.

11. The names of the founders of a company are contained in its
A. articles of association.
B. certificate of incorporation.
C. certificate of trading.
D. memorandum of association.
E. prospectus.

12. Which of the following documents is sent to the buyer before goods are dispatched as a polite request for payment to be made in advance?
A. Consignment note
B. Credit note
C. Debit note
D. Proforma invoice
E. Statement of account

13. Public enterprises are established to
A. cater for the welfare of staff of the organizations.
B. collect import duties on behalf of the government.
C. discourage competition among firms.
D. provide essential services to the citizens.
E. supervise the capital market.

14. The document issued by the seller to the buyer which gives comprehensive summary of a sales transaction is knows as
A. catalogue.
B. invoice.
C. order.
D. price list.
E. statement of account.

15. A trader who buys and sells goods within a country is involved in trade.
A. entrepot
B. export
C. foreign
D. home
E. import

16. The following are requirements for trading in commodity market except
A. clearing system.
B. grading system.
C. presence of middlemen.
D. standardizing process.
E. warehousing facilities.

17. The granting of permission to pay at a future date for something of value received is referred to as
A. credit
B. debt.
C. lease.
D. loan.
E. liability.

18. If a public limited company fails to commence business within a year after its incorporation, it is expected to
A. merge with another company.
B. raise additional capital.
C. return its certificate of incorporation to the registrar of companies.
D. return its certificate of trading to the registrar of companies.
E. wind-up in accordance with the law.

19. If 10% discount was offered to Mallam Audu for an item that cost N78,000, how much did he pay for the product?
A. N47,800
B. N10,000
C. N68,000
D. N70.200
E. N85,800

20. One of the advantages of dr over road transport is that it
A. has low cost of mdntenance.
B. is flexible.
C. is very cheap.
D. is very fast.
E. provides door-to-door services.

NECO Commerce Eassy Questions

Answer five Questions Only
Write you answer in blue or black ink in your answer booklet
Paper 2 Last for 1 hour 40 minutes

Commerce Paper 2 Essay Question for NECO

1.(a) What is e-commerce? (4marks)
(b) List and explain four advantages of e-commerce. (16marks)

2.(a) Mention four organs of ECO WAS. (4 marks)
(b) Highlight eight objectives of ECOWAS. (16 marks)

3.(a) Define contract. (4marks)
(b) Give two differences between a broker and a factor. (4marks)
(c) Mention and explain three types of misrepresentation in a contract. (12marks)

4.Write short notes on the following:
(a) discount house (4marks)
(b) franchising (4marks)
(c) kiosk (4 marks)
(d) mobile shop (4marks)
(e) variety store. (4marks)

Question 5 – 9 removed/omitted

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