General Paper Past Questions and Answers for Primary School Grade 6 in Nigeria

The Primary School General Paper (GP) Past Questions and Answer for grade/basic 6 (six) is available for download.

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General Paper Questions for Primary School in Nigeria

The Nigeria General Paper (GP), also known as General Knowledge (GK) for primary school; comprise of different subjects.

About six basic subjects are put together to form an exam paper known as General Paper.

Here are the list of the basic subjects question are drawn from to form the GP

01. Agricultural Science

02. Basic Science & Tech

03. Civic Education

04. Social Studies

05. Cultural and Creative Art

06. Current Affair

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Free Online General Knowledge Questions for Primary Six Promotional Exam

1.Which of the following is the child’s first social environment?
(a) Church
(b) Farm
(c) School
(d) Flome

2.The first and oldest university of Nigeria is
(a) Ado Bayero University
(b) Ahmadu Bello University
(c) University of Ibadan
(d) university of Ife

3. How many Local Government Areas do we have in Nigeria?
(a) 20
(b) 22
(c) 24
(d) None of the above

4.The word “culture” means
(a) Our wealth
(b) Our total way of life
(c) what we produce
(d) Way of fighting

5._____ helps us to do work with less amount of energy
(a) Jack
(b) Machine
(c) Tin opening
(d) Tractor

6.The document a person obtain before traveling to other countries is called ____
(a) Identity Card
(b) Invitation card
(c) International passbook
(d) International passport

7.The group of people who initiate religious conflicts are called _____
(a) Bad Christians
(b) Conflicts Christians
(c) Fanatics
(d) Religionists

8. What should we do to assist government in providing services for the people?
(a) Causing trouble
(b) Destruction of public property
(c) Payment of taxes and bills
(d) Setting public property on fire

9. Poor management of resources by government cause..
(a) Development
(b) Happiness
(c) Peace
(d) Underdevelopment

10. Self pollination and _____ are the two types of pollination,
(a) Cross pollination
(b) Long pollination
(c) Short pollination
(d) Wide pollination

11. Responsible parenthood means
(a) Ability of parents to take good care of their children
(b) Husband and wife
(c) Marriage failure
(d) Number of children in the family

12. A good leader should love and his people
(a) Fight
(b) Hate
(c) Protect
(d) Punish

13. The artificial provision of water for soil and crops are called
(a) Irrigation
(b) Management
(c) Solution
(d) Transmission

14. The removal of waste product or materials from the body is called
(a) Excretion
(b) Fertilization
(c) Immunization
(d) Recreation

15. Which of these animals have four legs
(a) Bird
(b) chicken
(c) Sheep
(d) lizard

16. The bones in our finger and toes are known as
(a) Femur
(b) Phalanges
(c) Skull
(d) Vertebra

17.The poor condition on our Vehicle is caused by
(a) Bad road
(b) high road
(c) low road
(d) motor road

18. Man – made sources of water is _____
(a) Borehole
(b) Ocean
(c) Sea
(d) Truck

19. Agricultural technology is a ____ method in agriculture
(a) Low
(b) High
(c) Modern
(d) Poor

20. What is the meaning of Peace?
(a) A state of eating and fighting
(b) A state of calmness and normalcy
(c) A state of crying
(d) A state of looking

21.Terrestrial and aquatic animals are based on where they
(a) Feed
(b) Feel
(c) Live
(d) Run

22. ______ Can hinder physical growth
(a) illness
(b) Laziness
(c) Movement
(d) Orderliness

23. Personal hygiene involve taking care of the
(a) Car
(b) Door
(c) Television
(d) teeth

24. use of medicine/drugs wrongly is called
(a) Dance abuse
(b) Drug abuse
(c) Dig abuse
(d) Deep abuse

25. Repair of garment involves ____
(a) Cutting the garment into small piece
(b) Mending simple tears
(c) Staining of the garment
(d) Using the garment

26. State one traditional role of men in the society
(a) To Provide for the family needs
(b) To bath the family
(c) To fight the family
(d) to cry for the family

27. Thread and needle is used in making ____and ____
(a) bread and butter
(b) chair and table
(c) glass and cutter
(d) stitches and seem

28. Control of natural disasters can be done by ___
(a) digging the ground
(b) fighting the ground
(c) looking the ground
(d) planting trees

29. The proper person who prescribe drugs and Injection is _____
(a) Doctor
(b) Husband
(c) Mother
(d) Sister

30. Friction, chemical reaction, electricity are sources of____
(a) Book
(b) Food
(c) Heat
(d) Water

31. The following are uses of heat excepts ___
(a) For cooking
(b) For drying
(c) For ironing clothes
(d) For walking

32. The following are natural disaster excepts
(a) earth-quake
(b) flooding
(c) running
(d) tornado

33. ____is the ability of a living thing to produce young one of their kind.
(a) Development
(b) Fertilization
(c) Pollination
(d) Reproduction

34. The Reproductive organ in a flowering plant is the _____
(a) Flower
(b) organ
(c) plant
(d) part

35. Lime-stone which is a sedimentary rock, is used in the manufacture of ____
(a) bottle
(b) cement
(c) clothes
(d) plank

36. The pest that makes holes in yam tubers is
(a) birds
(b) beetle
(c) caterpillars
(d) monkey

37. The following animals live in water except
(a) crab
(b) cow
(c) shrimp
(d) turtle

38. _____ Is an example of national event,
(a) Birthday party
(b) Burial ceremony
(c) Children’s day celebration
(d) Marriage ceremony

39. Which of the following is not Nigeria’s national symbol?
(a) National anthem
(b) National coat of Arm
(c) National flag
(d) Union Jack

40. Butter and palm oil are examples of _____
(a) carbohydrates
(b) fats and oil © proteins
(d) vitamins

41. Which of the following is the mother union?
(a) ASUU
(b) NBA
(c) NIC
(d) NUT

42. The following are main services provided by the Government excepts
(a) child abuse
(b) education
(c) health
(d) security

43. Which of the following is a duty of pressure groups?
(a) Armed- robbery
(b) Fighting
(c) Kidnapping
(d) Protecting member interest

44. Co-operation means __ to achieve a common goal
(a) chatting together
(b) eating together
(c) talking together working together

45.N.L.C means ____?
(a) Named Local Congress
(b) National Land Congress
(c) National Labour Congress
(d) Nigeria Labour congress

46. People live together in the following institution except ____
(a) church
(b) family
(c) grave yard
(d) school

47.Which of these is a benefit people enjoy by living together?
(a) Bad character
(b) Fighting one another
(c)Harming one another
(d) Protecting one another.

48. _____is an energy giving food,
(a) Beans
(b) Fruits
(c) Starch
(d) Vegetable

49. Food is classified into ____ classes,
(a) 3
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 8
(e) 10

50. _____ is used for hearing and balancing
(a) Ear
(b) Eye
(c) Nose
(d) Skin
(e) Tongue

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