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Do you want to download English Language Exam Questions Paper for Primary four, five and Six, in PDF or Ms-Word Format. Are you looking for English Primary School Questions for Middle class Basic 4 – 6

Then your search end here.

The middle Class Basic 4-6 Exam questions were compiled to served as reference material for class teacher and pupils,to aid revision practice; early exam preparation; reduce teacher workload.

Feature of the English Middle Basic 4-6 Exam Questions

Is based on the Nerdc Curriculum.
Can be view and read on any Smart Phone
Can be Printed out into hard copy.
Can be obtain on Micro-Soft Word Editable format (Special Request).
The Paid version has upto 40 Multiple Objective Question to choose from

How to Download English Exam Questions for Primary 4-6

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Free English Objective Questions for Primary 5

Complete each of the following statement with the option that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word
1. If there is no gain in being proud, then lets all learn to be ________
(A) gentle (b) honest (c) humble (d) polite

2. While two of the visitor s looked familiar the other five looked rather
(a) serious (b) rough (c) strange (d) hostile

3. We all pray the man’s rise will be as sudden as his _ has been
(a) lines (c) disappointment (d) fall

4. The boy quietly entered the classroom
(a) gently (b) immediately (C) nosily (d) suddenly

5. The spectators are all expected to depart after the closing ceremony
(a) arrive (b) disappear (c) leave (d) remain

6. You will be punished for doing that
(a) beaten (b) praised (c) slapped (d) pais

Complete each of the following statement with the most appropriate options lettered a – d
7. The match _ before it started raining
(a) had ended (b) had end (c) has ended (d) have end

8. The pencil ___ was stolen belongs to her
(a) which (B) who (c) whom (d) whose

9. He _____ his car in the garage last night
(a) leaves (b) leaves (c) left (d) leaved

10. Did john buy that goat?
(a) yes (b) he didn’t (B) no, he did (c) no, he won’t (d) yes he will

Primary 4 English Composition Questions

The need for the road safety in Nation build is too important to be ignored with the increasing number of road accidents, it is important we put an end to this danger, if truly Nation building through the transformation of human lives is important to us.

To begin with, the government should create and introduce comprehensive data base of all road transport operators. This will give us details of every vehicle owners and drivers. By so doing, erring road user can be punished.

The federal road safety corps (FRSC) should introduce well defined government transport policies to regulate road transportation in the country and check unruly behavior among driver, other road users like cyclists and pedestrians.
When people are enlightened, they would obey the law. Enlightening the entire populace could be done through effective campaigns on television and radio jingles such as “Don’t make calls while you drive”, “if you drink don’t drive”.
Government should implement the road transport policies, build good roads and adequately pay law enforcement agents.

More so, the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA), should take steps to rehabilitate bad roads and construct new and accessible ones.
Finally, everybody should be involved in the business of keeping our roads safe so as to preserve lives on our roads.


1. What is the need for a database of road transport operators?
(a) it gives details of every vehicle owners and drivers (b) it involve in few accidents (c) it provide good roads

2. What is the major importance of road safety?
(a) To cause more accident (b) To stop the numbers of road accidents (c) To make sure everyone is involve in keeping our road safe

3. Why should law enforcement agents be adequately paid?
(a) To stop road accident (b) To build good roads (c) None of the above

4. Which one of these is the role of the government in ensuring road safety?
(a) Provision of adequate budgetary allocation (b) Don’t make calls while driving (c) They should take steps to rehabilitate bad roads

5. One of the following is the work of FERMA?
(a) They rehabilitate bad roads and construct new one (b) They cause accidents (c) They drink while driving

6. Rehabilitate means ______
(a) Build (b) Repair (c) Change

7. When people are enlightened, they would _______
(a) Disobey the law (b) Obey the law (c) Misuse the law

8. Road users includes the following except one
(a) Pedestrians (b) Cyclists (c) Trees

9. Erring road users should be _______
(a) Pardon (b) Punished (c) Killed

10. FRSC means _______
(a) Federal Road Safety Corps (b) Federal Religion Society communication (c) Filling Station Safety Corps

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