How to Capture Candidate Biometric for NECO Offline Registration

How to Capture Candidate Biometric for NECO Offline Registration using Futronic Fingerprint Scanner…The ability of National Examination Council offline application to work and function on your computer system effectively, largely depends on some fundamental requirements.

Application/System Requirements

These requirements are classified into two: Application Requirements and System Requirements.

The Application Requirement include – Futronic Fingerprint Scanner.

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The NECO offline application is configured with Futronic finger print scanner and therefore does not recognize any other fingerprint scanner apart from Futronic.

Here is a detailed step by step guidelines on how to capture candidate biometric (fingerprint) on the offline application app using Futronic Fingerprint Scanner

How to Capture Candidate Biometric

01. After you’ve completed a candidate’s registration for the SSCE; you 
need to collect their biometrics i.e their fingerprints.

02. To begin this process bring out the Futronic Fingerprint Scanner 
Model FS80H.

03. Plug it into any of the USB Port in the Computer to be used for 
fingerprint Data Capturing.

04. Launch the offline app,

05. If already opened, click on the REGISTRATION Tab.

06. Select a candidate that you’d like to capture his/her fingerprint.

07. Upload the candidate Passport Photograph.

08. Click on Start to Initiate the process of Fingerprint Capturing.

09. Place each finger thumb on the Futronic Fingerprint Scanner Machine.

10. Once a fingerprint is successfully capture, the red mark on the tips of 
the finger will turned green.

11. Continue the process until all fingerprints are capture.

12. Click on SAVE BIOMETRIC to the finalize the fingerprint data capturing processing.

Please NOTE: Your Registration is not complete until you upload candidate record 

How to Capture Candidate Fingerprint in NECO Offline App – YouTube Video

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