Scheme of Work for Nigerian Nursery School PDF Download

The Nigerian Nursery School Scheme of Work is a outline plan of what will be covered in each week or session of the learning programme or course.
It can be detailed or brief.

A scheme of work may, for example, consider how many lessons will be needed to cover a specific theme.

It can also support communication and planning between departments.

Once it has been finalized, a scheme of work can be used to write lesson plans.

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Advantage of Nursery School Scheme of Work.

a. It is easier for you, as Head of Department, to assess the work of the teachers in your team
b. You can ensure coverage of the whole syllabus by checking team members are up-to-date.
c. It saves everyone from re-inventing the wheel each year as the topics come around
d. It captures and shares good lessons, good activities.

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Pre Primary Curriculum - Nursery

Scheme of Work for Nursery School in Nigeria.

The Scheme of Work (SOW) for the Pre Primary Classes (nursery classes),
Subjects are arrange into four (4) age cohorts of learning, which are

a. Age 0 – 18 Months – Playgroup (Creche 1)
b. Age – 2 Years – Pre Nursery (Creche 2)
c. Age – 3 Years – Nursery One
d. Age – 4 Years – Nursery Two
e. Age – 5 Years – Kindergarten

Pre Nursery / Creche 1 – Scheme of Work

Age – 0-18 Months

List of subjects to be taken
– Affective / Psycho-social Development
– Food and Nutrition – Breastfeeding and Complementary Feeding
– Safety Measure
– Water and Environmental Sanitation

Pre Nursery/Creche 2 – Scheme of Work in Nigeria

Age – 2 years old
List of subjects to be taken

01. Basic Science
02. Bible Club
03. Creative Art and Craft
04. Grace and Courtesy
05. Hand Writing
06. Language Art
07. Number Concept
08. Physical and Health Education
09. Practical Life
10. Seasonal Creativity
11. Song and Rhymes
12. Story

Nursery 1 One Scheme of Work in Nigeria

Age – 3 years old
List of subjects to be taken

01. CRK
02. Discovery
03. English
04. Handwriting
05. Language Art
06. Number Work
07. Physical and Health Education
08. Practical Life
09. Science
10. Song and Rhymes
11. Story
12. TPD
13. Mathematics

Nursery 2 Two Scheme of Work in Nigeria

Age – 4 years old
List of subjects to be taken

01. Creative Art
02. CRS
03. English
04. Handwriting
05. Language Art
06. Mathematics
07. Number Concept
08. Physical Education
09. Practical Life
10. Pre Science
11. Science
12. Sensorial Activity
13. Social Skills
14. Songs and Rhymes
15. Story
16. TPD

Nursery 3 or Kindergarten – Age 5

First Term Topic
Physical Development
Emotional / Affective
Social Devt/Financial Literacy

Second Term Topic
Mental Development
Food And Nutrition
Financial Literacy
Water And Sanitation

Third Term Topic
Child Protection

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Nursery Two English SOW First Term
Nursery One Mathematics SOW Third Term

Nursery one English Langauge SOW

First Term Scheme of Work for Nursery 1 One

Revision of last term’s work.

Take rhymes, riddles and story telling exercises with the chil-
Also work on picture reading and interpretations.

Writing; using materials like sand tray, sand paper letters, tracings of all letters, without excluding their individual sounds.
The class teacher should work with children, following the 3-period lessons.

spy game exercise should be carried out, to make recognition and representation of sound to object; matched by each child, using the three period lessons.
Same as above, but with writing exercises and recognition,

(Matching exercise, dot to dot, filling in of missing sounds (a-z), should be done by the children.

(Matching exercise, dot to dot, filling in of missing sounds (a-z), should be done by the children.

How to Download Complete Scheme of Work for Nigeria Nursery Schools

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