Security Education Exam Questions for Primary Schools 1-6 all Term Objective & Theory

Download Security Education Exam Questions Paper 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term for Primary Schools in Nigeria all Classes.

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Security Education Examination Questions for Primary

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Download Free Security Edu Exam Questions for Basic 3
Link 1: Security Edu. Exam Questions

Link 2: Security Edu. Exam Questions

Third Term Security Edu. Questions for Primary 3

SUBJECT: Security Education

Objective Questions on Security Education for Primary 3


01. Neighborhood watch is an arrangement made by members of the neighbor hood to _
(A) prevent crime
(B) encourage crime
(C) welcome crime

02. Neighborhood watch is very _
(a) important
(b) not necessary
(C) not necessary

03. Neighbor hood watch ensure that lives and properties are _
(a) destroyed
(B) protected
(C) molested

04. ____ is a way of passing information when a suspected movement is noticed
(a) alercity
(b) alerting
(C) alexing

05. ____ are security force except one
(a) police
(b) vigilante group
(C) school

06. The number security outfit in the community is __ except one
(a) police
(B) army
(C) vigilante group

07. When we fail to report a suspicious movement to a security outfit, it causes __
(a) a lot of bad things
(B) a lot of development
(c) oyo

08. Bad people include _ except one
(a) pastor
(b) thieves
(c) kidnappers

09. Violence is the act of _
(a) dancing , clapping
(B) praying, singing
(c) robbery, rape, and fighting

10. In security _________is used as a communication device
(A) car
(b) phone
(c) table

11. Emergency phone number are used for case of __
(a) security
(b) laughing
(c) dancing

12.___ is an example of emergency
(a) fire out break
(b) dancing
(c) jumping

13. Flood, food poisoning and robbery attach are example of _
(a) security
(b) emergency
(c) officer

14. ___and ___ can be of help in times of emergency
(a) fire service & medical doctors
(B) teachers & student
(c) pastor & bishop

15. FRSC is___
(A) friends run so crude
(B) federal roasting of so many corn
(c) federal road safety commission

16.___ is the first security officer in our family
(A) father
(B) brothers
(c) sister

17. It is important for us to know the phone numbers of our father, head of the community an the police in case of _
(a) emergency and security
(b)sleeping and eating
(c) none of the above

18. FRSC are in charge of __ safely
(a) hospital
(b) road
(c) rail

19.___ is in charge of food and drug in our society
(a) FRSC
(b) NIMA

20. __ enforce law and order in Nigeria
(a) boys scout
(B) Girls guide
(c) the police force

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Get the Complete CS Exam Questions (Obj & Theory); In editable Ms-word format for any of the Primary/Basic 1 – 6 Classes.

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SECTY EDU Theory Questions for Primary Schools


1. Mention 3 people you should alerts in times of suspected movement

2. Explain the use of phones in emergency or security situation

3. Mention 4 types of emergency you know

4. What is the meaning of FRSC?

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