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Food and Nutrition Exam Questions for SS1 SS2 SS3

Food and Nutr. Multiple Choice Questions and Essay

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Questions Based on Food and Nutr.

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Download Free SS1 Government objective/Theory Questions for second term
Link 1  Food and Nutr. Exam Questions

Link 2  Food and Nutr. Exam Questions

Food and Nutrition Exam Questions for SS2 First Term


Answer all Questions in Section A and three (3) Questions in Section B

SECTION A: (Objective Test: choose the option from a-d)

SS2 Food and Nutrition Objective Questions

1.Which of the following kitchen equipment is best used when cooking tough cuts of meat?
(a) omellet pan
(b) pressure cooker
(c) sauce pan
(d) poacher.

2. The tool used to hold meat together while grilling is …….

(a) colander
(b) frying pan
(c) knife
(d) skewer.

3. Equipment storage can be classified into their ……
(a) make –up
(b) durability
(c) usage
(d) build up

4. A well planned storage of equipment will help prevent all of these EXCEPT ……..
(a) spoilage
(b) bad cooking
(c) spillage
(d) breakage

5. Food slicer is used for …….
(a) cooking
(b) baking
(c) slicing of meat
(d) slicing of all food items

6. Excessive bending causes ……
(a) back strain
(b) head ache
(c) tiredness
(d) night blindness

7. Always avoid wishful ……
(a) dance
(b) talking
(c) thinking
(d) jugging

8. Nervousness and anxiety consume ……
(a) energy
(b) time
(c) joy
(d) stress

9. Kitchen hygiene is practice so that the———
(a) house wife can maintain high standard of work
(b) kitchen can look attractive
(c) house wife can have a clean house
(d) health of the family members can be ensured

10. What is the collective name for wheat, rice, maize, and millet?
(a) fruits
(b) legumes
(c) cereals
(d) seeds

11. The collective name for wheat protein is——–
(a) gluten
(b) myosin
(c) zein
(d) glutelin

12. Which of the following is not a legume?
(a) melon
(b) breadfruit
(c) groundnut
(d) soya beans

13. Vegetables are best classified as ……
(a) root, leaves, bulb and tuber
(b) fresh fried cooked and pulses
(c) seed leaves stalk and pulses
(d) pulses bulbs flowers and stalks.

14. Mixer contains ……
(a) cups
(b) iron
(c) bottles
(d) beaters.

15. Which of the following is not a factor to be considered when choosing labour saving devices?
(a) money available
(b) nature of the food
(c) durability
(d) colour of the equipment.

16. …….can be used to accomplish more task
(a) time management
(b)energy management.
(c) money management.
(d) resources

17. Which of this is not a guideline for energy management.
(a) sit to work
(b) organise storage and work areas
(c) adjust working height
(d) avoid attempting to do much.

18. Labour saving devices used for pureeing ingredients is called …….
(a) rolling pin
(b) mortar
(c) blender
(d) whisk

19. The following are ways of caring for pressure cooker EXCEPT……
(a) follow instruction for use
(b) wash with warm soapy water
(c) rinse and dry before storing
(d) wrap immediately after use.

20. Which of the following is large kitchen equipment?
(a) Refrigerator
(b) sauce pan
(c) pastry bowl
(d) mincer.

21. Which of the following is not an importance of labour saving device?
(a) it reduces boredom
(b) it creates free time
(c) it cuts down number of movement
(d) it creates monotony of work.

22. …….is used for making cakes and pastry?
(a) Spoon
(b) Spatula
(c) Mixer
(d) Fork.

23. Which of the following is a free time?
(a) time not devoted to work or sleep
(b) time devoted to sleep
(c) time devoted to leisure
(d) time devoted to job

24. Time is a special resource that cannot ……. for later use.
(a) store
(b) reach
(c) waste
(d) used.

25. Energy management eliminates.
(a) fatigue
(b) hunger
(c) waste
(d) rest.

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Essay Questions on Food and Nutrition

SECTION B – Essay – Questions

Answer all the questions.

1. List 5 factors to consider when choosing labour saving devices

2. List 5 importance of time management

3. List any five labour saving devices in food preparation and state their uses.

4. List 5 importance of Labour Saving devices.

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