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Data Processing Exam Questions for Senior Secondary Schools

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Download Free SS2 DP objective/Theory Questions for second term
Link 1  DP Exam Questions

Link 2  DP Exam Questions



Data Processing Objective Questions for SS2 First Term

1. 	In one-to-many relationship the table in ‘one’ side is called _______ and on ‘many’ side is 	called _______
	(a) Child, Parent
	(b) Parent, Child
	(c) Brother, Sister
	(d) Father, Son

2.	In a database table, the category of information is called ____________
	a. tuple
	b. field
	c. record
	d. relation

3.	This key uniquely identifies each record
	a. primary key
	b. key record
	c. unique key
	d. field name

4.	In anEntity relationship in E/R diagram, the degree of relationship between entities is 	denoted by____________
	a. Use case diagram
	b. E-R diagram
	c. Crow foot
	d. oval shape

5.	To transform a relationship into an entity on an ERD, we use a special symbol called an    	(a) Entity    
	(b) Attribute     
	(c) associative entity     
	(d) none of the above

6.	The table below is in First Normal Form: 

Person	Favourite Colour
Ram	Purple
Ram	Red
John	Green
John	Yellow
John	Red
	 (a)True  (b) False (c) None of the above (d) all of the above

7.	In a database, the simplest mode of organization Is 
	(a) rows
	(b) types
	(c) column
	(d) table

8.	Which of the following is a type of Query option in ACCESS 
	(a) static 
	(b) continuous
	(c) detailed
 	(d) Crosstab 

9.	The default object in a database used for data entry is 
	(a) data sheet 
	(b) query
	(c) forms
	(d) report

10.	Which of the field is suitable for use as primary key? 
	(a) Name
	(b) E-mail
	(c) School fees
	(d) Age

11.	In table design which field data type is used for date of Birth?
	(a) text
	(b) number
	(c) date/time 
	(d) currency

12.	One of the significance of data model is
	(a) volatility
	(b) reusability
	(c) rigidity
	(d) all of the above

13.	The size of a field with Number data type cannot be
	a. 2
	b. 4
	c. 8
	d. 16	

14.	In which of the following can many entity instances of one type be related to many entity 	instances of another type?
	A. One-to-One Relationship
	B. One-to-Many Relationship
	C. Many-to-Many Relationship
	D. Composite Relationship

15.	The printed  listings of database data is 
	(a) forms
	(b) queries
	(c) reports
	(d) tables

16.	To highlight all fields to be added to a generated form, click  
	(a) <<
 	(b) <
 	(c) >
 	(d) >>

17.	Which field is most suitable to be the key field of a students’ performance record system 	in a school?	
	(a)  Classroom number	
	(b)  Date of birth.	
	(c) Entry number of birth.	
	(d)Students’ admission number

18.	A data model is a ___ representation of the data structure that are required by a database.   
	(a) logical
	(b) conceptual
	(c) physical    
	(d) dynamic

19.	Foreign key is a field in a relational table that matches a ___ of another table.   
	(a) candidate key    
	(b) row
	(c) field
	(d) primary key

20.	The ………………….. the Normal Form applicable to a table, the less vulnerable it is to 	inconsistencies and anomalies.   
	(a) Better     
	(b) lower
	(c) higher
	(d) consistent

21.	……………… an instruction used to retrieve data from the database in a specified 	format 
	(a) Form  
	(b) Report  
	(c) Query 
	(d) Table

22.	The benefits of data modeling includes the following except
	(a) clearer scope 
	(b) faster performance 
	(c) fewer application errors 
	(d) unmanaged risk

23.	Which of the following represents the relationship between  a set of values?
	(a) Column  
	(b) Field  
	(c) Query  
	(d) Row   

24.	The following are examples of DBMS packages except 
	(a) Access  (b) Dbase (c) Excel  (d) FoxPro

25.	The feature of database that allows accessibility of certain records is called…………….  
	(a) form
	(b) keys
	(c) queries
	(d) reports

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Data Processing Theory Questions for SSS

Instruction: Answer question one and any other two
1(a) Create a relational database for your class (WITHOUT USING THE COMPUTER) of say, six (6) students, using six reasonably suitable attributes (without repeating any data type) (6 marks)
From the table, state the following:
(b)i. The primary key
ii. Number of fields
iii. Number of records
iv. Name any field that can be used as primary key.(1 mark each=4 marks)
2a. What is a Data model? (2 marks)
2 (b) Briefly explain any three types of data model (1 mark each=3 marks)
2 (c) Define the following terms
c  i. Candidate keys (1 mark)
ii. Primary key    (1 mark)
iii. Foreign keys (1 mark)
iv. Entity (1 mark)
v. Attribute (1 mark)

3(a) List and Explain the three types of anomalies that can occur in database if it is not normalized (4 1/2 marks)
(b) Give two examples of one to one relationship (1/2 mark)
(c) Highlight FIVE SQL keywords (5marks) 

4. Given the table below;

4 (a)Write an SQL statement to retrieve STUDENT_ID and FIRSTNAME of all the students from ENUGU campus (3marks)
(b) What is the primary key of the table? (1 mark)
(c) How many records are in the table? (1 mark)

(d) A school principal keeps the following students details in a database; Name, Address, Date of birth, state of origin Tuition Paid and Admission Number.

(i) Name the most appropriate primary key field for the database and give reasons (2 mks)

(ii) state the most appropriate data type for the first three fields in the database (3 marks)

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