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The English Exam Questions for SS1, SS2 or SS3 all term is available at stcharlesedu.com. On this page we have uploaded a free copy of the SS1 First Term Physics Exam Questions.

Teacher and student can now have a feel of how the Physics questions for SS1-3 look like.

Before a student is promoted into the next class, he/she is expected to pass the above subject.

Most Student do fail or perform below expectation, as a result of this, we have compiled English exam question for student preparing for test or exam.

The SS1, SS2 & SS3 exam questions served as a reference material and also help teacher to set test and examination question.

English Studies Exam Questions for Senior Secondary School

English Exam Past Questions Download – Feature

Is based on the Nerdc Curriculum.
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Benefit of Using SS1-3 Past English Exam Question

Studying this past question gives you confidence
Help identify key areas to focus on
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Do you want to pass well as a student or set test/examination questions as a Teacher
If yes, then get English Exam Past Questions from us.
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How to Download Exam Questions for English SS1-3

The English Exam Questions for SS1, SS2 & SS3 cost N300 for each class term
To get the updated SS1-3 past exam questions paper for the subject concern,
call or whatsapp us on 08051311885 on how to get your Ms-Word/Pdf Copy

Here is an example of the cost Pattern
SS1 English 1st Term Exam Question = N300
SS1 English 2nd Term Exam Question = N300
SS1 English 3rd Term Exam Question = N300

Free English Objective Questions for SS2


Choose the word(s) that is NEARLY OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined words and at the same time correctly fill the gaps in the sentence

There isn’t enough rice, so its importation is permitted whereas the importation of cement is _____
(a) suspended
(b) licensed
(c) unaccepted
(d) prohibited

2. My grandfather, rather than being ____ was often quite prejudiced in his opinions (a) subjective
(b) discriminating
(c) impartial
(d) strict

3. Both sides are very hopeful about the outcome of the peace talks, but observers are still very _______
(a) realistic
(b) emphatic
(c) explicit
(d) pessimistic

4. It took me the whole day to summarize the lecturers copies notes having been used to _____
(a) scanty
(b) illegible
(c) inaccurate
(d) coherent

5. The principal of that school was demoted for his incompetence while several other were commended for their _____
(a) punctuality
(b) honesty
(c) efficiency
(d) sincerity

6. The official who disclosed the information he was supposed to ____ was sacked
(a) cover
(b) protect
(c) conceal
(d) allow

7. While we expected is to be graded, the process of transition to civilian rule came to an ____ end
(a) abrupt
(b) anticipated
(c) unhappy
(d) unpleasant

8. The clever lawyer exposed the facts that were obscure in the case, making the judge see beyond the _____
(a) open
(b) obvious
(c) illustrated
(d) reflected

Choose the word that BEST COMPLETES each of the following sentences
9. Alfred is afraid of his wife who has a very ____ size
(a) eminent
(b) momentous
(c) prominent
(d) intimidating

10. The government has imposed an ___ on the importation of used vehicles
(a) order
(b) edict
(c) embargo
(d) act

11. The corpse has been taken to the ____
(a) dispensary
(b) mortuary
(c) theatre
(d) wad

12. When the solicitor told Awa to wait outside, she considered it ___ to her dignity
(a) a draw back
(b) an affront
(c) a stain
(d) a withdrawal

13. His appointed was ____ because of irregularities in his credentials
(a) annulled
(b) terminated
(c) suspended
(d) dismissed

14. The new car is very attractive but I doubt its ___
(a) style
(b) complexity
(c) durability
(d) longevity

Choose the word or group of words that is NEAREST IN MEANING to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence.
15. Nowadays, children are given much more latitude than before
(a) advice
(b) freedom
(c) luxury
(d) variety

16. My neighbor lives a humdrum life
(a) busy
(b) careless
(c) monotonous
(d) humble

17. The manager described the new accountant as a man of impeccable character
(a) serious
(b) dangerous
(c) faultless
(d) rigid

18. The teacher sent the boy out of the class for his impertinence
(a) timidity
(b) indifference
(c) rudeness
(d) cheating

19. This book is the abridged version of the original
(a) edited
(b) detailed
(c) shortened
(d) revised

20. The thief’s jail term are to run concurrently
(a) consecutively
(b) alternatively
(c) immediately

Free English Theory Questions for SS2


Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions in it.
Although rural people needed kerosene for lighting, they relied on it more for cooking. However, persistent fuel scarcity has made the commodity hardly affordable where it was available fetching dry wood from the forest become inevitably the order of the day.

Early one morning, Jojo and I armed with cutlasses and axes, joined other young people who were more conversant with the forest in search of dry wood. It soon dawned on us that this “essential commodity” has been driven so far away that we had to wander into the heart of the forest before we could find a huge branch of tree that looked dry. Convinced that it was, we went into action, each cutting from his own side.

Scarcely had we started when Jojo suddenly jumped up from her position and exclaimed “goodness!” when I inquired what has happened, she explained that the ground on which she was standing was lifting her up. This sounded weird and I went close to examine the ground. It appeared level and was full of dry leaves. There was no sig of anything other than the bare ground. Mockingly, I asked her to return to work, adding that her phobia about the forest was changing into an illusion. Nevertheless, I struck the ground with my cutlass, cutting through it to reassure her that there was noting to fear, But before I could leave, I noticed blood trickling out of the cut on the ground and we scampered away, developing goose-flesh.

As we watched from the distance, we observed that there was a writhing movement and gradually a curled creature stretched into full length about three and a half feet. The earthly but splendid design of the skin became visible and it started what was like its last struggle away from the spot. Its pace was decreasingly with every effort to crawl on while more blood was lost as a result of the deep cut it has received.

Whether it was shock or fear that prevented me from finishing up what is started, I cannot say. But though we accomplished our aim of going to the forest that day, I was haunted by the guilt of an unwilling murderer many days after.

1a. Why was kerosene important to rural people?
1b. State two reasons why the people sought an alternative to kerosene
1c. What lifted Jojo up?
1d. What did the narrator state that he could not finish?

1e. … the heart of the forest …”
i. What figure of speech is contained in this expression
ii. What does it mean?

1f. “As we watched from a distance …
i. What is the grammatical name given to this expression as it is used in the passage?
ii. What is its function?

1g. For each of the following name given to this expression as it is used in the passage
i. persistent
ii. Inevitably
iii. Weird
iv. Mockingly
v. splendid
vi. accomplished

2. You are about to leave secondary school and friend of yours who is attending school in another town has written to enquire about what you wish to do after leaving school. Write a reply to him, explaining your plans. The letter should NOT be less than 450 words

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