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Chemistry Exam Questions Paper for SS1, SS2, SS3

Chemistry Exam Questions for Senior Secondary School

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Download Free SS2 Chemistry objective/Theory Questions for second term
Link 1  Chem Exam Questions

Link 2  Chem Exam Questions


Chemistry Objective Questions for SS2 Second Term

1. Combustion is a chemical reaction which is always accompanied by 
(b)heat and light 
(c)heat and energy 
(d)heat and power 

2. What is the percentage of noble gas in air 
(a) 21% 
(b) 78% 
(c) 1% 
(d) 0.03%  

3. Which gases blue with blue flame except 
4. When supply of air is limited there is incomplete combustion of the following except 
(a)black particles of carbon 
(b)black particles of soot 
(c)carbon II oxide 
(d)carbon IV oxide 

5. An isotope of hydrogen commonly referred to as heavy is 
(d)basic water 

6. Hydrogen is manufactured through the following method except 
(a)action of steam on iron 
(b)action of steam on red-hot coke 
(c)action of steam on methane under mekel catalyst 
(d)electrolytic method 

7. Oxygen in air can be absorbed by passing it though 
(a)caustic soda 
(b)fused calcium chloride 
(c)alkaline pyrogallol 
(d)washing soda 

8. The most abundant element on earth is 

9. The following are physical properties of chlorine except _____ 
(a)it cannot be liquefied 
(b)it is denser than air 
(c)it is sparingly soluble n water 
(d)it is poisonous 

10. The bleaching action of chlorine in water is because 
(a)of its reducing property 
(b)of its oxidizing power 
(c)it is a strong acid 
(d)it is a weak acid 

11. The extractions of sulphur from the earth crust is by one of these processes 
(a)solvay process 
(b)contact process 
(c)Frisch process 
(d)kiln process 

12. Which of the allotropes of sulphur has amber colour with needle shapes 
(a)rhombic sulphur 
(b)plastic sulphur 
(c)monoclinic sulphur 
(d)flower of sulphur 

13. Nitrogen combines directly with metals except ______ 

14. Hydrides of Nitrogen which is capable of turning red litmus blue makes nitrogen to have an oxidation state of 

15. Oxidation of nitrogen in Mg3N2 is 

16. The following are physical property of Nitrogen IV oxide except 
(a)reddish brown gas 
(b)it has a pungent smell 
(c)it is not a poisonous gas 
(d)much heavier than air 

17. The following are uses of ammonia except 
(b)make nitrogenous fertilizer 
(c)manufacturing of washing soda 
(d)it is not use as cleansing agents 

18. The following are physical  properties of Nitrogen except 
(a)colourless and odourless 
(b)partially soluble in water 
(c)pure nitrogen is more dense than air 
(d)has no effect on lime water  

19. The following are members of the halogen family except ___ 

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What Others are downloading Exam Questions for Senior Secondary School

Theory Chemistry Questions for SS2


1.Give the constituents of atmospheric air and with a diagram indicate its approximate percentage composition

2.a) Name 3 allotrope of Sulphur and show how they are prepared in the laboratory 
2.b) Give 4 uses of Sulphur

3.a) Write short note on the laboratory preparation of ammonia 
3.b) Give 3 chemical properties of ammonia

4.a) Write short note on chlorine 
4.b) Give 3 physical properties and two test for chlorine

5.a) Write on the industrial preparation of oxygen 
5.b) List 3 physical, 2 chemical and 2 uses of oxygen     

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