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The SS1, SS2 & SS3 exam questions served as a reference material and also help teacher to set test and exam question.

Agricultural Science Exam Questions for SS1-3

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Download Free SS1 Agricultural Science Objective/Theory Questions for second term
Link 1 Agric Science Exam Questions

Link 2 Agric Science Exam Questions


Agricultural Science Objective Questions for SS1 Second Term

01. The following are factors that effects agricultural development in what Africa except 
(a) Rainfall 
(b) Land tenure 
(c) Transportation 
(d) Pest and diseases 

02. Terminates one useful in agriculture because they 
(a) Increase soil moisture 
(b) Improve soil aeration 
(c) Help control plant population 
(d) Regulate soil temperature
03. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from 
(a) Shale 
(b) Schist 
(c) Limestone 
(d) Quartiles
04. The rock weathering process involving the equation CaCO3 + H2CO3 -->  Ca(HCO3)2 is called 
(a) Hydration 
(b) Carbonation 
(c) Oxidation 
(d) Hydrolysid 

05. The machine used for removing seeds from maize cobs is called 
(a) Mill 
(b) Winnor 
(c) Decoraticalor 
(d) Shatter 

06. It is importance to clean and grease plough disc after use to 
(a) reduce friction 
(b) sharpen the dises 
(c) Prevent rusting 
(d) reduce the lifespan
07. The major factor affecting distribution of crops in West Africa is 
(a) Climate 
(b) Soil 
(c) Topography 
(d) Disease 

08. Nutrient replenishment in soul can be enhance by 
(a) Crop rotation 
(b) Crop removal 
(c) erosion 
(d) leaching 

09. A mass of decayed plant and animal waste processed in pits is referred to as 
(a) Compost manure 
(b) Green manure 
(c) Farm yard manure 
(d) Inorganic manure 

10. The average gestation period an rabbit is 
(a) 21days 
(b) 31days 
(c) 26days 
(d) 36days 

11. The correct sequence of the passage of fed through the digestive system of a ruminant is 
(a) Reticulum – omasum – abomasun – ruzon 
(b) remen – omasin – abomation – reticulum 
(c) rumen – reticulum – omasin – abomation  
(d) omasum – abomassum – ruman – reticulum 

12. One of the following is NOT a climatic factor affecting agricultural production 
(a) rainfall 
(b) wind 
(c) sunlight 
(d) pests 

13. A biotic process where two organisms have mutual benefit is referred to as 
(a) Symbiosis 
(b) Competition 
(c) Parasitism 
(d) Commensalism 

14. The intensity of light can be measured with 
(a) Rainfall 
(b) Photometer 
(c) Hygromation 
(d) Wind vane 

15. All the following are organically formed sedimentary rocks except 
(a) Coal 
(b) lignite 
(c) Petroleum 
(d) Peat 

16. Factors of soil formation includes the following except 
(a) Climate 
(b) Time 
(c) Topography 
(d) Soil profile 

17. The period female animals are willing to accept their male counterpart for the purpose of mating is called 
(a) destrus 
(b) destrus cycle 
(c) mating 
(d) ovulation
18. An unproductive animal completely removed from the rest of the stock is said to be 
(a) quarantined 
(b) isolated 
(c) confined 

19. The gestation period (in days) of a soil  is 
(a) 30 
(b) 42 
(c) 114 
(d) 165 

20. The castrated male cattle is referred to as 
(a) heifer 
(b) wether 
(c) bull 
(d) bullock 

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Theory SS1 Agric Science Exam Questions


1. Define the following terms 
a. Competition 
b. Commensalism 
c. Parasitism 
d. Symbiosis 
e. Predation 

2a. List 3 properties of sandy soil 
2b. Explain four effects of water on soil 

3a. Mention 4 components of a fertile soil 
3b. Enumerate 5 factors affecting soil formation 
3c. Define soil 

4a. Define the term rock 
4b. List 3 processes of soil formation 
4c. List 4 agents of chemical process 

5. List 8 simple tools and 2 mechanical tools  

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