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Visual Art Exam Questions Objective and Theory for Senior Secondary School all Term in Ms Word format

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Visual Arts Multiple Choice Objective Questions for SS3 1st Term


  1. Both capital and small letters are otherwise known as______ respectively.
    a) Long and short case
    b) Oriental and continental
    c) Upper and lower case
    d) Bold & narrow
  2. The first and most important elements of art is
    a) colour
    b) line
    c) ART
    d) shape
  3. Which of the following is associated with BATIK.
    a) Developer.
    b) Tool
    c) Thread.
    d) Wax
  4. Light and shade are used in drawing and painting to show __
    a) Proportion
    b) solidity
    c) Beauty
    d) Skill
  5. The term MURAL suggests _
    a) Still life Painting
    b) General painting
    c) Wall painting
    d) Human figure painting.
  6. Music is the art of combining sounds in a manner that is agreeable to the _
    a) Eyes
    b) Head
    c) Hands
    d) Ear
  7. Which of the following in not a local craft business
    a) Teaching
    b) Calabash decoration
    c) Mat weaving
    d) Leather work.
  8. Mosaic work are basically for_____ purpose
    a) decoration
    b) Appreciation
    c) spiritual
    d) worship
  9. Colour seen at a distance appeared __
    a) are primary colour
    b) retained their freshness
    c) fade away
    d) are secondary colour
  10. Imaginative composition is a type of _____ &_____
    a) Drawing & Painting
    b) Drawing & Textile
    c) Graphics & Painting
    d) Sculpture & Painting.
  11. One of the following is related to painting
    a) Pencil
    b) image
    c) tone
    d) foreshortening
  12. Basic shapes are referred to as _
    a) Geometrical shapes
    b) box shapes
    c) triangular shapes
    d) circular shapes
  13. One of the following gives supports to a sculptural work
    a) calipers
    b) sawdust
    c) sand and cement
    d) Armature.
  14. Shading with lines is techniques called_________
    a) Tonal value
    b) pointillism
    c) hatching
    d) blurry.
  15. The artist who creates a lots of pattern and design stands a chance to be employed in __
    a) A textile factory
    b) a media house
    c) a school
    d) a television house.
  16. Most of the earlymans art works represent
    a) Figure drawing
    b) Hunting scenes
    c) Festival activities
    d) Man and his environment.
  17. _____is an example of still-life object
    a) ball
    b) leaf
    c) sun wood
    d) Moon.
  18. Rubber gloves is a material needed during _ exercise.
    a) Drawing
    b) Swimming
    c) chemical process
    d) Dyeing.
  19. Axe is a symbol associated with
    a) Obatala
    b) Sango
    c) Ogboni
    d) Agemo.
  20. Angular perspective has to do with __
    a) line
    b) Shape
    c) Angeles
    d) Tone.
  21. Coiling and Pinching are methods used in
    a) Painting
    b) Sculpture
    c) Pottery
    d) Graphics
  22. __ is a pigment produced in the eye through the ray of light
    a) drawing
    b) tone
    c) coloured
    d) colour.
  23. The early man wrote and drew on _
    a) His palm b) Paper
    c) Outside his cave
    d) At the wall of his cave.
  24. Letters can be classified into____
    a) Romans and Italy
    b) Egyptian and Romans
    c) Block and Scripts
    d) Cap and low.
  25. One of the following is NOT a of arts
    a) Provision
    b) decoration
    c) Beautification
    d) Therapy
  26. Another name for FABRIC in artistic term is __
    a) Calico
    b) Pen
    c) clothes
    d) Cloth
  27. An artist who carves wood is called a _
    a) Curator
    b) Sculptor
    c) Module
    d) Carpenter
  28. A technique through which an artist Shade with dots is called___
    a) Tonal value
    b) pointillism
    c) dots d) blurry.
  29. A building set aside for keeping and display of art works for historical and record purposes is called___
    a) Art room
    b) Museum
    c) Gallery
    d) Studio.
  30. One of the following is NOT an art tool
    a) Drama
    b) cardboard
    c) colours
    d) painting Bruch.

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What Others are downloading Exam Questions for Senior Secondary School

Theory Visual Art Exam Questions

1) Give the meaning of any five of the following arts terminologies
I) Eye level
II) Three dimensional arts
III) Carving
IV) Terra cotta.
V) Line of vision
VI) Tie –dye
VII) Impasto
VIII) Glazing.

2a) What is Relief sculpture ?
2b) List the three techniques of sculpture
2c) explain any two of the techniques mentioned above.

3a) What is Photography
3b) Discuss the content of the information in a GREETING CARD design.
3c) Discuss any three types of Museum.

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