Technical Drawing Exam Questions for SS1, SS2, SS3 All Term – Engineering Drawing

The Technical Drawing TD Exam Questions for SS1, SS2 or SS3 all Term (First, Second and Third) are available at

On this page we have uploaded a free copy of the Senior Secondary School SS1 First Term Technical Drawing Exam Questions.

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Most Student do fail or perform below expectation, as a result of this, we have compiled Technical Drawing Test /Exam Questions for student preparing for test or examination.

The SS1, SS2 & SS3 exam questions served as a reference material and also help teacher to set test and exam question.

Engineering Technical Drawing Exam Questions for SS1, SS2, SS3

Technical Drawing Multiple Choice Questions and Essay.

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Download Free SS1 Technical Drawing Objective/Theory Questions for second term
Link 1  TD Exam Questions

Link 2  TD Exam Questions

SS1 First Term Technical Drawing Exam Questions


Answer all Questions in section A and three (3) in Section B


TD Objective Questions for SS1 First Term

1. Freehand sketching involves the use of eraser … and………
(a) Pencil, paper
(b) Pencil, Scale
(c) Protractor ,divider
(d) Sharpener, compass

2. All these are sizes of a drawing board EXPECT………..
(a) A4 = 210mm * 297mm
(b) A2 = 470mm * 650mm
(c) A2 = 450mm * 650mm
(d) A0 = 840mm * 1189mm

3. …… is drawn at the bottom right hand corner of the drawing paper
(a) Information
(b) Title block
(c) Lettering
(d) dimensions

4. …… are used to draw vertical lines by placing one side of the triangle containing the right angle against the upper edge of the T-square
(a) Drawing board
(b)Set square
(c) Tee square
(d) Drawing paper

5. ………. is used to draw arcs and circles
(a) Pair of compass
(b) Set square
(c) Tee square
(d) Drawing paper

6. The diagram above shows (a) A perpendicular line (b) Angle 60 (c) parallel line (d) Vertical line

7. An acute angle is one which is less than………
(a) 600
(c) 450

8.The above diagram is………
(a) Concentric circles
(b) Eccentric circle
(c) normal
(d) Tangent

9. ………. are plane figures bounded by four straight lines
(a) Eccentric circle
(b) Circle
(c) Quadrilaterals
(d) Tangent

10. All these are the properties of a quadrilaterals EXPECT
(a) They have equal vertex
(b) It has all four sides equal
(c) all its angles are right angles
(d) the diagonals are equal and they bisect each other at the centre forming angle 900

11. ………. is the process of putting down information on a drawing by means of letters, words and numbers (a) Information (b) Title block (c) Lettering (d) dimensions

12. ………. are used for angular measurements.
( a) Pair of compass
(b) Set square
(c) Tee square
(d) Protractors

13. Which of the following instrument is used to transfer measurement from one point to another
(a) A pair of compasses (b) A pair of divider (c) Protractor (d) Set square

14 .A straight line is the shortest distance between …….. points
(a) 3
(b) 6
(c) 4
(d) 2

15. In the figure below, line AO is ……… to BC
(a) Adjacent
(b) perpendicular
(c) Opposite
(d) Parallel

16. We use………for setting paper on the drawing board
(a) Pencil
(b) Tee square
(c) Set square
(d) Compass

17. The drawing instrument used for measuring angles is………
(a) Compass
(b) ruler
(c) Protractor
(d) Set square

18. These are importance of technical drawing EXCEPT (a) It develop our skill (b) It help to interpret drawing (c)Means of communication (d) It gives us information about events

19. Pencil for lettering should be sharpen to……… point
(a) double
(b) Curve
(c) Conical
(d) fine

20. Drawing materials and instrument should be………
(a) Handle with care
(b) Handle roughly
(c) Kept in the roof
(d) Played with always

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Theory TD Questions for SS1


1. (a) What is technical drawing?
(b) Mention 5 drawing instrument and material for good drawing practice
(c) Explain the following terms
i. Title block
ii. Lettering
iii. Safety

2. (a) Draw line AB 75mm and bisect it
(b) Construct a triangle given the length of the three sides as AB= 80mm BC=60mm AC=50mm
(c) Mention 3 parts of a circle

3. (a) Given that AC=36mm AB=55mm BC=36mm. Construct a triangle and circumscribe a circle
(b)List 3 properties of a square
(c)Construct a square ABCD with side AB=65mm

4. (a) Inscribe triangle ABC in a circle where PR=54mm RQ=63.5mm PQ=74.5mm
(b) Mention 4 types of triangles
(c) Mention 2 types of lines used in technical drawing

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