Buy NECO Futronic Fingerprint Scanner (Biometric) – Latest & Recommended

Beginning from NECO SSCE 2019 Internal registration for School Candidate, capturing of candidate fingerprint for both Senior Secondary Certificate Examination SSCE Internal and External Registration can only be done using the Recommended NECO FUTRONIC FingerPrint Scanner.

The NECO Futronic Fingerprint Scanner Specification.

• Model: FS80H. buy-neco-futronic-fingerprint-biometric-scanner-latest-recommended
• Fingerprint scanning window size is 16x24mm.
• Image resolution is 480×320 pixel, 500 DPI.
• Image format is 8 bit 256 grayscale.
• Raw fingerprint image file size is 150K byte.
• With Live Finger Detection (LFD) feature.
• USB 2.0 compatible interface, plug and play device.
• Lifetime up to 1 million scans.
• Supply voltage: DC 4.5-5.5V via USB port.
• With a 2M standard USB cable.
• Small size, 45 x 63 x 26 mm.

Price of NECO Futronic Fingerprint Scanner – FS80H

The National Examination Council offline application is configured with Futronic finger print scanner and therefore does not recognize any other fingerprint scanner apart from Futronic.

The Futronic Fingerprint (Biometric) Scanner which is required for the NECO Internal and External Offline registration exercise, cost N27000.

You can call/whatsapp me on 08051311885 on how you can get yours.

System Requirements for NECO Offline Application.

System requirements are the necessary software and hardware properties a computer system must have before the NECO offline application can be installed in it and enable it to work perfectly on your computer system.

Before the offline application can work effectively on your computer system, the computer system properties should have:
• Not Less than 2GB RAM (Random Access Memory).
• Not Less than 128 GB ROM (Read Only Memory) [hard disk memory].
• Not Less than 2.40 GHz processor.
• Operating System: Windows operating System or MAC OS.

NECO SSCE Passport Photograph Image Size.

The image must be a valid passport size photograph.
The passport photograph must be in jpeg or jpg format.
The maximum weight of the passport photograph is 10kb.
The maximum dimension for the passport photograph is 140px by 140px and minimum is 70px by 70px.

How to Capture Candidate Biometric Using NECO Futronic Fingerprint Scanner.

01. Launch the NECO External Offline Application.
02. Click on Registration.
03. Select and click on the name of the candidate capture his/her Biometric.
04. Connect the recommended fingerprint scanner i.e the FUTRONIC FINGER SCANNER.
04. Upload the Candidate Passport.
05. Click on Start, to initiate the finger print capturing process.
06. Place each finger thumb on the Futronic Finger Scanner.
07. Once a finger print is successfully capture, the tabs below the finger will turned green.
08. Continue the process until all finger thumb has be capture.
09. After capturing, all fingerprints, the tabs below the fingers Image will be turned green.

Video – How to Capture Fingerprint using Futronic Biometric Scanner

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