First Bank WAEC Verification Pin for NYSC Date of Birth Correction

First Bank WAEC VERIFICATION PIN is a pin used by NYSC portal to access or retrieve a candidate date of birth from WAEC portal, for the purpose of correction or change of date of birth in NYSC portal.

How to get First Bank WAEC Verification Pin from us.

from the start the verification PIN was sold by First Bank. But for convenience, you do not need to be on that long queue


Call or whatsapp me on 08051311885

After payment of the said amount (N3300) into any of the Bank account I will send to you on request.
Send an sms in this format stated below to this mobile/whatsapp number 08051311885.
• Depositor Name (your full name)
• Teller no or snap proof of transfer
• Email address:
• Services Paid for:
ATM, Mobile and Online Money transfer also accepted.

Once your Payment has been confirmed, your PIN will be sent to your registered email address or whatsapp number

Online Payment  Option

click to pay now

How to Correct Date of Birth using First Bank WAEC Verification Pin

1. Buy First Bank WAEC Verification PIN from us.

2. Visit NYSC registration portal, click on “Login” to resume registration

3. Login with your email address and password

4. This will load your Dashboard, Click on “Change Date of Birth” menu. A new page will pop-up

5. Follow the On-screen Instructions to complete the process, hit the “Submit” button when you are done

Things to Note:
You can not used the verification pin to change state of origin.
you can not used the verification pin to change into the date of birth in your NECO certificate or result.
Only the date of birth in your WAEC can be used to make the change.
It takes some days before NYSC will notify you of the change.
Two or more candidate can not used one pin

NOTE: First Bank no longer sell WAEC Verification PIN, we now buy directly from WAEC Portal and sell online to intending buyers or users

Video – How to Correct Date of Birth in NYSC site Using WAEC Verification Pin From Us.

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  1. Hello
    Good morning
    Am Chidinma and I want you to clarify on something before I proceed
    The day of birth on my waec results is the same with the one NYSC uploaded but I want to change to the one on my birth certificate how possible is that

    1. you can not change to the date of birth in your birth certificate or affidavit, you can only make use of the dob in your waec certificate

    1. make payment for the mobilization fee, then logout and re login, the date of birth link for correction will appear

  2. please my waec dob is 13 instead of 15 and it’s waec details nysc uses.please can I still buy the verification pin and change or go to waec to change directly which takes up to 8 months, but camp is next month. please help??

  3. after hv clicked the submit button I realized there is error in my date of birth
    any hope I can still change it
    if there is…tell me how will I get the verification and how the payment will be made

    1. yes you can still change it, its only when you have submitted your application you can duly apply for the change of birth in nysc.

  4. how many percent sure is it that they (jamb) will change the date after you have followed the due process??

    1. you cannot used neco to apply for change of birth, only waec (ssce or gce) is allowed

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