Early Childhood Educational Story Books for Nigeria Kids

Early Childhood Educational Story Books for Nigeria Kids – Have you updated your school class library recently or home library?

Would you like to create a well stocked home library for your kids?

Well this is the time for you to do so as we just restocked our library books just for you.

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Early Childhood Education Books for Teachers/Parent

Different story books ranging from early readers to advance readers.

In this collection, we have:
> Early readers that are fun to read,
> Books that come alive when your child picks up to read,
> Puppet books,
> Sound books and
> Lots of story books that will appeal to your young reader.

Let’s help you build a library of age appropriate books at home and in your school.

We have early readers, Intermediate readers and advance readers

We sell in dozen, either you want to buy for your children at home or you want to resell or you even want to buy for your school library

Early Childhood Story Books Categories

Our prices for books are:
Early Childhood Readers 1 (Age 0-5yrs):
Dozen goes for NGN 6500 instead of NGN 9000

Early Childhood Reader 2 (Age 4-7yrs):
Dozen goes for NGN 8500 instead of NGN 14,600

Early Childhood Reader 3 (Age 0-7yrs):
Dozen goes for NGN 12,400 instead of NGN 16,500

Early Childhood Reader 4 (Age 0-7yrs) 3D books:
Dozen goes for NGN 18, 000 instead of NGN 35,000

Intermediate Readers (Age 9-12):
Dozen goes for NGN 13,500 instead of NGN 16,500

Advance Readers (Age 12-16yrs) :
Dozen goes for NGN 16,500 instead of NGN 20,000

Place your order immediately so you won’t miss out on this amazing deal from this new stock.

So click on the link to place your orders and also to pick the categories you want

How to Place Order

How to Place Order
Pick the categories you want
Chat us up on whatsapp +2348051311885 to place your orders

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