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Do you need University of Benin UNIBEN Post UTME Past Question for Faculty of Pharmacy? Do you want to download departmental Post UTME Past Question and Answers for Faculty of Pharmacy

The faculty of Pharmacy is one of the Thirteen (13) faculties in the University of Benin,
and is currently offering the programme of Pharm. D Degree which spand a six years.
it is the only school accredited to award Pharm. D. Degree

Most applicant seeking admission into the faculty of Pharmacy do not have the luxury of time or are limited in time in physical search of past question

Most faculty of Pharmacy Uniben Student do not have the luxury of time or are limited in time to go in physical search of Past Question

That why, we at stcharlesedu.com are glad to inform you that we now have up-to-date all departmental Post UTME Past Questions for the Faculty of Pharmacy available for download.

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UNIBEN Post UTME Subjects Combination for Pharmacy.

What are the Subjects Written in UNIBEN Post UTME for Pharmacy
The subjects you will write in University of Benin Post UTME is same subjects you wrote in Jamb

UNIBEN Pharmacy Department

See below list of undergraduate department in Faculty of Pharmacy, UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions Available for Download
– Pharmacy

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POST-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Screening
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Uniben Post UTME Subject: Genera Paper

01. If 50cm3 of C02 gas and 50cm3 of SO2 gas are measured, at S.T.P., calculate the amount of each gas in moles (Molar volume = 22.4dm3)
A. 0.023 mol
B. 0.0222 mol
C. 0.0002 mol
D. 0.0022 mol

02.How much volume of ethane would be required to produce 1.12 dm3 of carbon (IV) oxide on combustion in sufficient oxygen?
2C2H6g + 7O2, —> 4CO2(g) + 6H2O
A. 56 dm3 of ethane
B. 2.24 dm3 of ethane
C. 0.56 dm3 of ethane
D. 5.6 dm3 of ethane

03. By how much would the volume have increased when 10 dm3 of ozone were converted to oxygen
20i(S) —> 30,cg>
A. 15 dm3
B. 40 dm3
C. 0.5 dm3
D. 5 dm3

04. The pressure exerted by a gas is as a result of
A. The continuous random motion of its particles
B. Bombardment of the walls of the container by its molecules
C. The collision between the gas molecules
D. The elastic nature of the gas molecules

05. Which of the following gas will diffuse at the slowest rate?
A. Ammonium
B. Sulphur (IV) oxide
C. Carbon (II) oxide
D. Nitrogen

06. Element P has an electronic configuration of 2,8,6.
Element R has an electronic configuration of 2,8,8,1.
What is likely to form if P and R combine?
A. covalent compound PR
B. An ionic compound PR2
C. An ionic compound PR
D. An ionic compound P2R

07. Which is the atomic structure of phosphorus with mass number 31?
Protons Neurons Electrons
A. 15, 16, 15
B. 15, 16, 16
C. 16, 15, 15
D. 16, 15, 16

08. Which metal has the least tendency to form positive ions?
A. Iron
B. Aluminium
C. Sodium
D. Calcium

09. What is the number of pairs of shared electrons in a methane molecule?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 8

10.The percentage by volume of nitrogen in air is high because
A. Nitrogen is relatively inactive
B. Nitrogen supports life
C. Nitrogen prevents corrosion of metals
D. Nitrogen increases the rate of combustion

11.Natural water includes the following except
A. rain water
B. spring?
C. pure water
D. lake water

12. Which of the following methods cannot be used to remove permanent hardness in water?
A.addition of washing soda
B.addition of caustic soda
C.Permutit method
D.adding alum to water

13. If the solubility of sodium tetraoxosulphate (VI) at 30oC is 18g per lOOg, how much is this in gramme per kilogram?
A.18kg per lOOOg
B.180kg per lOOg
C.180g per 1000kg
D.180g per kg

14. The following are example of colloid except
A. milk
B. starch in water
C. aerosol
D. ammonium chloride solution

15. Oil spillage in ponds and creeks can be cleaned by
A. Burning off the oil layer
B. Spraying with detergent
C. Spraying with common salt
D. Spraying with hot oil

16. The pH of the solutions M, N, O and P are 1. 6, 8 and 10 respectively, therefore
A. None of the solution is acidic
B. the pH of O is made neutral by adding water
C. P is the most acidic solution
D. M is the most acidic solution

17.Which hydroxide dissolves in water to form alkaline solution?
A. Aluminium hydroxide
B. Calcium hydroxide
C. Copper (II) hydroxide
D. Iron (III) hydroxide

18. Starch molecules can be broken down into smaller molecules by heating in a dilute acid. What is this type of reaction called?
A. Cracking
B. Hydrolysis
C. Oxidation
D. Reduction

18. Which of the following cannot be used as an oxidizing agent?
A. K2Cr2O2
B. C02
C. H2S
D. IIN03

20. What quantity of copper will be deposited by the same quantity of electricity that deposited 18g of aluminium
[Al = 27, Cu = 64]
A. 64g
B. 32g
C. 16g
D. 8g

21. Which of the following is not true about semi-conductors?
A. Moving holes are equivalent to moving positive charge’s
B. There are two kinds of charge carriers – a free electron and a hole
C. The escape of a valence electron front an „ atom produces electron-hofe par of charge carriers
D. Increase in temperature increases its electrical resistance

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