Primary 4 Verbal Reasoning Exam Questions for First Term, Second Term, Third Term

The Primary 4 Verbal Reasoning Exam Questions is design for pupils in the Basic Level in Nigeria. it follows the National Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) approved Curriculum.

To help reduce the workload, we have compiled all Primary Verbal Reasoning Exam Question from first term, second term to third term, to serve as a reference material to help teacher set test and examination questions.

School pupils and tutor will find it useful for revision and exam preparation.

Primary 4 Verbal Reasoning Exam Questions – Feature

Is based on the Nerdc Curriculum.
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Primary Verbal Reasoning Tests Question

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INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions

Objective Questions for Verbal Reasoning

1. The English Language alphabets is made up of ___ alphabets
(a) 27 (b) 26 (c) 36

2. The fourth letter of the alphabet is ___
(a) C (b) E (c) G

3. There are ___ consonant letter between A – Z
(a) 22 (b) 21 (c) 36

4. ___ is the third vowel letter
(a) i (b) e (c) u

5. Between the first and the … which letters are there?
(a) ei (b) uu (c) io

6. Ascend is to ___
(a) climb (b) descend (c) run

7. Exhale is to ___
(a) breath (b) health (c) inhale

8. Slender and thin, Test and ____
(a) examine (b) take (c) back

9. Lazy and idle, imitate and ___
(a) sing (b) look (c) copy

10. They ___ busy, when I came in
(a) where (b) were (c) what

11. After the seventh consonant letter the next one is __
(a) L (b) P (c) Q

12. Spend is to save, fast is to _____
(a) slow (b)flow (c) save

13. Old is to young, profit is to ___
(a) Gain (b) add (c) loss

14. Strict is to ___
(a) harsh (b) lenient (c) tight

15. Hero is brave, dirty is to ___
(a) clean (b) iaze (c) love

Theory Questions for Verbal Reasoning

1. Write out the vowel letters.
1b. Write out the consonants letters.

2. Arrange in alphabetic order
i. Blood, Bath, Bed, Born
ii. Jail, Jeep, Fale, Few
iii. Tape, Tear, Tribe, The
iv. Wip, Wap, Note, Net

3. Write out the antonyms
i. Slim _____________
ii. Sinner ___________
iii. Spend ___________
iv. Profit ____________
v. fool ______________
vi. Fast _____________

4. Write the synonyms
i. Weak _________
ii. Large __________
iii. Slender __________
iv. Corridor ____________
v. Large ______________
vi. Powerful ____________

5. Write the correct word to complete the followings
i. Concure and Agree, profit and ___________
ii. Holy and Sacred, Minimum and ___________
iii. Lazy and _____ imitate and copy
iv. Request and ask, wonder and ____________
v. Gift and ________, Ancient and ____________
vi. Round and Circular, Private and ____________

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