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Are you in Faculty of Medicine, eligible for Niger Delta University Admission Screening Exercise, Also know as NDU Post UTME, if yes, you need the NDU Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery, to enhance your preparatory skills in readiness to the exam.

we at stcharlesedu.com has compiled all NDU Post UTME Past Questions for all Department in the Faculty of Medicine from 2010 – till date

This past questions will give you an over-view and nature of the exams.

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NDU Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine & Surgery

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NDU Post UTME Subjects for Medicine Combination.

What are the Subjects Written in NDU Post UTME for Medicine.

The subjects you will write in Niger Delta University, Bayelsa Post Utme is same subjects you wrote in Jamb

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Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State (OPTION F)
1st Batch. Time: 1 hour 30

Question Paper for Faculties of Agriculture, Basic Med. Sci., Nursing, Pharmacy; Science and Education

1.The periodic classification of the elements is an arrangement of elements in order of their
A. atomic weights
B. isotopic weights
C. Molecular weights
D. atomic numbers
E. atomic masses.

2. The reaction between an organic acid and an alcohol in the presence of an acid catalyst is known as
A. saponification
B. dehydration
D. hydrolysis
E. hydration

3. Which of the following gases may not be dried with concentrated sulphuric acid?
A. HCl
B. N2C,
C. l2
D. SO2
E. NH3

4. Which of the following is not a member of the homologous series of paraffin (alkenes)?
A. C3H8
B. C5H12
C. C7H16
D. C16H32
E. C24H43.

5. A surprising fact about sickle cell disease is that it
A. affect only black people
B. kill the patient
C. is hereditary
D. affects blood cells
E. weakens the patient

6. Which of these substances is likely to be deficient in the diet of a person having goiter?
A. Potassium
B. Calcium
C. Iodine
D. Sodium
E. Phosphorus.

7. Which of these animals is NOT metamerically segmented?
A. Tapeworm
B. Earthworm
C. Centipede
D. Catfish
E. Shark

8. Kwashiorkor is cause by served deficiency of
A. Water
B. Oil
C. Drugs
D. Protein
E. sugar

9. If a tall man (TT) marries a dwarf woman (tt) and they have four male children, the offspring will be
A. all short
B. three short and one tall
C. two short one two tall
D. one short and three tall
E. all tall

10. What is the number whose logarithm to base 10 is 2.3482?
A. 2S 3.6
B. 2228
C. 2.235
D. 22.37
E. 0.02229

11. Father reduced the quantity of food bought for the family by 1 % when he found that the cost of living had increased by 15%. Thus the fractional Increase in the family food bill is now
A. 1/12
B. 6/35
C. 19/300
D. 7/200
E. 5/100

12. Which of the following is NOT a factor of 124-54?
A. 7
B. 13
C. 17
D. 49
E. 169

13. An arithmetic progression has first term 11 and fourth term 32. The sum of the first nine terms is
A. 351
B. 531
C. 135
D. 315
E. 153

14. A square of cardboard is taped at the perimeter by a piece of ribbon 20cm long. What is the area of the board?
A. 20sq.cm
B. 25sq.cm
C. 36sq.cm
D. 100sq.cm
E. 16sq.cm

15. A cell of internal resistance 2 ohms supplies current to 6 ohms resistor. The efficiency of the cell is
B 25.0%
C. 33.3%
D. 75.0%

16. A household refrigerator is rated 200 waits, if electricity cost 5k per KWH, what is the cost of operating it for 20 days?
A. N4.80,
B. N48.00
C. N430.00,
D. N4,800.00

17. Which of the following ammeter may be used to measure alternating currents?
(i) Morning coil ammeter (ii) Moving-iron ammeter (iii) Hotwire ammeter
A. I and II only
B. II and III only
C. I and III
D.I, II and III

18. Which of the following is a set of vector?
A. force, mass and movement
B. acceleration, velocity and movement
C. mass, weigh volume and density.

19. Two points on a velocity-time graph have co-ordinates (5s, 10ms1) and (120s, 20ms1) calculate the mean acceleration between the two points
A. 0.67ms-2
B. 0.83ms-2
C. 1.50ms-2
D. 2.00ms-2

20. A mixture of mecurous and mercuric nitrates is added to a food substance while precipitate is formed which on gentle heating turns red. The food substance is
A. protein
B. oil
C. carbohydrates
D. fat
E. fatty acid

21. Underground stems which grow horizontally through the soil are
A. bulbs
B. rhizomes
C. runners
D. corns
E. stolons

22. The removal of man’s pancreas by surgical operation can affect only the digestion
A. starch
B. starch, protein and fat
C. oils fend fat
D. proteins
E. carbohydrates

23. Which of the following is seed bearing?
A. mouses
B. whistling bine G, algalflame
D. liverwort
E. feinfronds

24. Which of the following is common to a dicotyledonous stem and monocotyledonous stem
A. meduliary rays
B. central pits
C. wide curtex
E. peficyclic fibres

25.A lorry travels 10km northwards, 4km eastwards, 6krrl southwards and 2km westwards to arrive at a point T. what is the total displacement?
A. 6km south
B. 4km north
C. 4km east.

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