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The faculty of Engineering is one of the Thirteen (13) faculties in the University of Benin and it is made up of Twelve (12) department, it’s departments are spread across two main campuses, one at Ekenwa, while the other at Ugbowo, both in Benin City.

The academic programme admit student into the Bachelor’s degree in Engineering programme, the Master’s degree and PhD programmes.

It is mandatory for all undergraduate students to undergo an industrial training in their fourth year. This will enable them to be able to get working experience in applying engineering principles they have been taught.

UNIBEN Faculty of Engineering Post UTME Past Questions

The following are list of post utme past question for undergraduate courses offered in University of Benin UNIBEN faculty of Engineering available for download
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical /Electronics Engineering
Estate Management
Mechanical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Production Engineering
Quantity Surveying
Structural Engineering
Surveying And Geo-informatics

Benefit of UNIBEN Engineering Past Questions

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  • Help you know your speed for the actual exam.
  • Predict the outcome of the upcoming exam question.
  • Let one know if he/she has adequately prepared for the exam.
  • Give you confidence and make you relax on the deal day.

Uniben Post UTME Subject for Engineering Courses.

What are the Subjects Written in UNIBEN Post UTME for Faculty of Engineering
The subjects you will write in University of Benin Post UTME is same subjects you wrote in Jamb

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Free  UNIBEN Engineering Post UTME Online Past Questions


1. Which of the following is the best known semi-conductor?
(a) carbon
(b) Selenium
(c) Gallium arsenide
(d) Germanium

2. The process of adding impurity to semiconductor is called
(a) Transmutation
(b) Doping
(c) Polarization
(d) Hydrolysis

3. In the D.C electric motor, which of the following does not apply?
(a) Spindle
(b) Fixed carbon brushes
(c) Powerful magnetic field
(d) Slip rings

4. In the A.C. generator, which of the following does not apply?
(a) Fixed carbon brushes
(b) Spindle
(c) Split rings
(d) Powerful magnetic field

5. Which of the following law is an application of the law of conservation of energy?
(a) Maxwell’s law
(b)Lenz’s law
(c) Faraday’s law
(d) Fleming’s left hand rule

6. The induction coil is a device for generating a
(a) High voltage from low A.C. source
(b) Low voltage from high D.C. source
(c) High voltage from a low D.C. source
(d) Low voltage from a low A.C. source

7. Which of the following pairs of quantities have equivalent units?
(a) work done and moments
(b) Energy and momentum
(c) strain and Young’s modulus
(d) energy and pressure

8. The dimension of power is
(a)ML-1 T2
(b)ML2 T2
(d) ML1T2

9. A body starts from rest and moves with an acceleration of 8ms2 for 10 seconds. Find the distance during the 8th second
(a) 256m
(b) 196m
(c) 120m
(d) 60m

10. One of the limitations of Bohr’s model of the atom is that it does not explain
(a) The stability of the atom
(b) Variation of the atomic radius
(c) The line spectra of hydrogen
(d) The experiment determination of the atomic radius

11. X-rays were discovered by
(a) Isaac Newton
(b) Michael Faraday
(c) Sir J.J. Thompson
(d) W. Roentgen

12. Natural radioactivity was discovered by
(a) Niel Bohr
(b) Henri Becquerel
(c) De Broglie
(d) Rutherford

13. The number of atoms of a radioactive substance is initially 8.0 x 1016. If the number reduces to 2.0 x 1016 in 64 minutes, what is the half-life of the substance
(a) 32min
(b) 16min
(c) 8min
(d) 4min

14.During the electrolysis of copper (II) sulphate solution, an ammeter showed a steady current reading of 1.0A for 1/2 hr and 6.6 x 10 -4 kg of copper were liberated. Calculate the % error in ammeter reading.
(a) 27%
(b) 11%
(c) 1.2%
(d) 1.1%

15. An electric lamp has the following markings 230V, 250W. How long would it take the lamp to use one kilowatt-hour when connected to a 230V mains?
(a) 8.0hr

16. Which of the following statements is correct about a semi conductor at room temperature
(a)The valence band is filled and the conduction band is partly filled
(b) The valence band is completely filled and the conduction band is completely empty
(c) The valence band is almost filled and the conduction band is almost empty
(d) The valence band is empty and the conduction band is filled

17. Which of the following statements is not correct?
(a) When ebonite rod is rubbed with wool the ebonite rod acquires a negative charge and wool acquires a positive charge
(b) When a glass rod is rubbed with silk the glass rod acquires a positive charge while silk acquires a negative charge
(c) When fur is rubbed with ebonite rod the ebonite rod acquires a positive charge and fur a negative charge
(d) When wool rubbed with an ebonite rod is brought near silk rubbed with a glass rod attraction occurs.

18. With the Daniel cell the depolarizer is
(a) Tetra-oxo-sulphate (IV) acid
(b) Ammonium chloride solution
(c) Copper sulphate solution
(d) Manganese (IV) Oxide

19. Which of the following arrangements gives the electromagnetic radiation in their ascending order of wavelength?
(a) Radio waves, ultraviolet rays, x-rays, y-rays
(b) y-rays, x-rays, ultraviolent rays, radio waves
(c) x-rays, y-rays, radio waves, ultraviolent rays
(d) ultraviolent rays, y-rays, x-rays, radio waves

20. Which of the following statements is not correct about the astronomical telescope under normal adjustment

(a) The final image is at infinity
(b) The principal foci of the objective and eye piece coincide
(c) The final image is at principal focus of the eye piece
(d) The distance between the lenses is equal to the sum of their focal lengths

21. Which of the following colours gives the least separation when white light is dispersed by a triangular glass prism?
(a) Red and blue
(b) Yellow and green
(c) Orange and indigo
(d) Green and violet

22. An object weighs 100N on the earth’s surface. Find its weight at a point P with orbital radius 2R. [g = lONKg-1].
(a) 40.0N
(b) 35.0N

23. A gas occupies a volume of 40cm3 at a temperature of 27°C, and a pressure of 80cmHg. What volume does it occupy at 87°C and pressure Of 120cmHg?
(a) 3200cm3
(b) 320cm3
(c) 32cm3
(d) 3.2cm3

24. A block and tackle system is used to lift a load of 20N through a vertical height of 10.5m. If the efficiency of the system is 40%, how much work is done against friction
(a) 310.0J
(b) 300.0J
(c) 290.0 J
(d) 200.0J

25. Which of the following statements is correct about a short-sighted girl who does not put on glasses?
(a) She cannot see near objects clearly
(b) Rays of light from a distant object are focused behind her retina (c) Her eyeball is too short
(d) Parallel rays of light are focused in front of her retina

26. Express 0.0000407 in standard form
(a) 40.7 x 10 -4
(b) 4.07 x 10 -4
(c) 4.07 x 10 -5
(d) 4.07 x 10 -2

27. The sum of three numbers in base two is 11101. If the first two numbers are 1011 and 1101 find the third number
(a) 11 two
(b) 101 two
(c) 101 two
(d) 1111 two

28. A businessman decided to give 10% discount on all the purchases from his store. How much would a customer pay for a shirt originally marked N540?
(a) N594.00
(b) N550.00
(c) N530.00
(d) N486.00

29. Solve the equation 3X = 1/81
(a) 4
(b) 3
(c) -4
(d) -3

30. Simplify log273 + 21og93 – log543

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