Physics Exam Questions for SS1, SS2, SS3 all Term PDF/Ms-Word Download

The Physics Exam Questions for SS1, SS2 or SS3 all term is available at On this page we have uploaded a free copy of the SS1 First Term Physics Exam Questions.

Teacher and student can now have a feel of how the Physics questions for SS1-3 look like.

Before a student is promoted into the next class, he/she is expected to pass the above subject.

Most Student do fail or perform below expectation, as a result of this, we have compiled Physics exam question for student preparing for test or exam.

The SS1, SS2 & SS3 exam questions served as a reference material and also help teacher to set test and examination question.

Physics Exam Past Questions Download – Feature

Is based on the Nerdc Curriculum.
Can be view and read on any Smart Phone
Can be Printed out into hard copy.
The Paid version has upto 40 Multiple Objective Question to choose from.
Multiple Theory questions to choose from.

Benefit of Using SS1-3 Past Physics Exam Question

Solving past question give your confidence
Help identify key areas to focus on
Help you know your speed for the actual exam
Give one confidence and make on relax on the deal day

Do you want to pass well as a student or set test/examination questions as a Teacher
If yes, then get Physics Exam Past Questions from us.
After sending it, you can download; edit/modify and print it out.

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How to Download Exam Questions for Physics SS1-3

The Physics Exam Questions for SS1, SS2 & SS3 cost N300 for each class term
To get the updated SS1-3 past exam questions paper for the subject concern,
call or whatsapp us on 08051311885 on how to get your Ms-Word/Pdf Copy

Here is an example of the cost Pattern
SS1 Physics 1st Term Exam Question = N300
SS1 Physics 2nd Term Exam Question = N300
SS1 Physics 3rd Term Exam Question = N300

Free PDF Download of Physics Exam Questions for SS2

Free Physics Objective Questions for SS2

Pls Note:
Some equation will not show properly in web-base browser.
some complex questions format that involve equation and diagram are omitted.

1.The S.I unit of moment of a force is ________
(a) kgm (b) Nm (c) Jm (d) Nm-1

2.What is the angular speed of a body vibrating at 50 cycles per second?
(a) 200 rad/s (b) 100 rad/s (c) 50 rad/s (d) 0.01 rad/s

3.Two forces 6N and 8N act eastwards and northwards respectively on a body. Calculate the magnitude of their resultant.
(a) 2N (b) 7N (c) 10N (d) 14N

4.Which of the following correctly gives the relationship between linear speed, v and angular speed,  of a body moving uniformly in a circle of radius r?
(a) V = r (b) v =  (c) v = r2 (d) v2 = r

14. An aeroplane flies 3km due west and then 4km due north. Find its resultant displacement from its starting point.
(a) 5km (b) 10km (c) 15km (d) 20km

15. Two forces 10N each are inclined at 1200 to each other, what is their resultant force?
(a) 10N (b) 20N (c) 30N (d) 40N

16. ________ is the turning effect of a force about a point.
(a) Momentum (b) Weight (c) Speed (d) Moment

17. Moment of a force depends on two factors, the magnitude of the force and ________
(a) distance (b) velocity (c) speed (d) acceleration

28. The S.I unit of frequency is ________
(a) second (b) Hertz (c) kilogram (d) Newton

29. Angular acceleration is related to linear acceleration by ________
(a) a  r (b) a = 2r (c) a2 = r (d) a = r2

30. 1 complete oscillation is equivalent to ________
(a) 2 radians (b) 3 radians (c) 4 radians (d) 5 radians

Free Physics Theory Questions for SS2

1a) Define the period, T of a simple harmonic motion and state its unit.
1b) A uniform beam 6m long and weighing 40N rests on supports at P and Q placed left and right 1m from each end of the beam. Weights of 100N and 80N are placed near P and Q respectively on each end of the beam, calculate the reaction at P and Q.
1c) Give one example of simple harmonic motion.

2a) A body of mass 0.02kg is suspended from the end of a spiral spring whose force constant is 0.4 Nm-1, an angular velocity of 4.46 rads-1 and an amplitude of 0.2m. calculate:
i) The total energy
ii) Maximum velocity of the motion
iii) Maximum acceleration
2b) What is momentum?
2c) A body of mass 5kg moves with a velocity of 5ms-1, what is its momentum.

3a) State the two conditions necessary for equilibrium of parallel coplanar forces.
3b) A mass of 2kg is supported by two cords which makes angles of 300 and 500 with the vertical. Find the forces on the two cords.
3c) Give one example of application of couple.

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