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Government Exam Questions Paper for SS1, SS2, SS3

Exam Questions on Government for SS1, SS2, SS3

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Download Free SS1 Government objective/Theory Questions for second term
Link 1  Govt Exam Questions

Link 2  Govt Exam Questions

SS1 Second Term Government Exam Questions


Government Objective Questions for SS1 2nd Term

01. An agreed set of rules prescribing in governance of a country can be called the 
(a) constitution 
(b) charter 
(c) manifesto 
(d) hounsard 

02. A constitution is said to be rigid if it 
(a) can be amended by the president only 
(b) is difficult to amend 
(c) is unwritten 
(d) is decree by solders

03. A unitary system of government is most suitable for a 
(a) highly religious country 
(b) country with a lot of mineral deposits 
(c) small homogeneous country 
(d) highly populated country

04. The principle of collective responsibility is control to the 
(a) presidential system 
(b) federal system 
(c) Unitary system 
(d) parliamentary system

05. In a parliamentary system of government, the head of government is usually 
(a) selected by the council of state 
(b) elected by one supreme court 
(c) the head of state 
(d) the majority leader in the legislature

06. A unicameral legislature has 
(a) two houses 
(b) one house 
(c) three houses 
(d) one head of state

07. The judiciary is an organ of government which 
(a) rules the country according to laws 
(b) makes laws for the country 
(c) gives legal backing to governments budgets 
(d) settle disputes in accordance with the laws of the land 

08. A multi-party system often leads to 
(a) unitary government 
(b) dictatorial government 
(c) coalition government 
(d) parliamentary

09. Public opinion can be expressed through 
(a) census 
(b) general strike 
(c) socialization 
(d) compromise

10. Public corporations are set up by 
(a) board of directors 
(b) the ministers 
(c) workers in the corporation 
(d) an act of parliament

11. Military government are likely to be 
(a) democratic 
(b) civilized 
(c) dictatorial 
(d) accountable

12. A person representing his country in a fellow commonwealth country is called 
(a) a knight 
(b) a representative 
(c) a high commissioner 
(d) an attaché

13. The modern concept of the rule of law was introduces by  
(a) K.C wheane 
(b) A.V Dicey 
(c) Otto Von Bismark 
(d) Justice Holmes

14. Which of the following principles negotiates the concept of the rule of law  
(a) supreme of the law 
(b) prevention of arbitrariness in authority 
(c) Equality before the law 
(d) Exercise of absolute power by the president

15. The number of chambers in a bicameral legislature is 
(a) four 
(b) three 
(c) two 
(d) one

16. The judiciary organ of government is one body which 
(a) initiates bills 
(b) interprets the law 
(c) make the law 
(d) maintains law and order

17. The system of government in which authority is shared between the center and the component unit is called 
(a)unitary system of government 
(b) federal system of government 
(c) feudal system of government 
(d) monarchical system of government

18. In a monarchy, the head of state is usually 
(a) a military ruler 
(b) one Chief justice 
(c) the speaker of the legislature 
(d) a hereditary ruler

19. Public opinion is the view held by the 
(a) minority 
(b) civil servant 
(c) majority 
(d) politicians

20. Presidential system of government was adopted in Nigeria in what year 
(a) 1960 
(b) 1979 
(c) 1963 
(d) 2020

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What Others are downloading Exam Questions for Senior Secondary School

Theory Govt Questions for SS2

Answer all questions

1a. Define unitary government
1b. State four features of unitary government

2. Explain five advantages and disadvantages of unitary government 

3a. Define federal government
3b. List and explain three methods used in thee division of powers for the three tiers of government

4. Explain five characteristics of presidential system of government

5. Explain five features of con-federal government  

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