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Wood Work Paper 1 – Objective Test Questions
Wood Work Paper 2 – Essay or Theory Questions

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WAEC Wood-Work Past Questions

WASSCE Wood Work Questions

Metal-Work 1
Objective Test
1 hour
[40 marks]

Answer all the questions.

Each questions is followed by four option lettered A to D. Find the correct option for each questions and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question. An example is given below.

A coping saw is used for cutting
A. curves
B. across grams
C. tenons
D. along grains

The correct answer is curves, which is lettered A. and therefore answer space A would be

[A] [B] [C] [D]

Think carefully before you shade the answer space, erase completely any answer(s) you wish to change.

Now answer the following questions.

  • WASSCE Wood Work Objective Questions
  • WAEC Objective Questions on Wood-Work
  • SSCE WAEC WoodWork Questions

WAEC Objective Questions on Wood Work

1. The protective clothing which is most important when operating hand drill power tools is
A. rubber gloves
B. eye goggle
C. safety boots
D. safety belt

2. Injury is prevented during sharpening of saw teeth by
A. securing the saw in the vice
B. bolding the saw in one hand
C. applying oil to the saw teeth
D. using clogged teeth file

3. A mortise chisel has a thick blade to enable it to
A. cut fast
B. cut shallow mortises
C. withstand the pressure from mallet
D. withstand leverage when cutting

Use Fig 1: to answer questions 4 and 5


Fig 1. A hand tool

4. The tool is a
A. screw driver
B. gimlet
C. bradawl
D. ripping chisel

5. The tool is mainly used to
A. drive in screws
B. remove stapples
C. bore through small holes
D. make starter holes

6. The live centre of the wood lathe is located on the
A. bed
B. headstock
C. toolrest
D. tailstock

7. The most appropriate saw used for cutting curves in thick wood is the
A. coping saw
B. fret saw
C. bow saw
D. pad saw

8. The function of the medullary rays in a living tree is to
A. give beautiful figure to the tree
B. prevent insect and worms attack
C. transport food and water radially
D. give strength to the tree

9. The main function of the heartwood of a tree is to
A. provide strength to the tree
B. store the food solution for the tree
C. carry raw sap upwards to the leaves
D. carry refined sap from the leaves downwards

10. Which of the following portable power tools has a telescopic lower guard?
A. Orbital sander
B. Power planer
C. Electric drill
D. Circular saw

11. One timber defect caused by poor kiln seasoning is
A. waney edge
B. cup shake
C. collapse
D. knot

12. The most effective method of preserving timber is by
A. impregnating
B. brushing
C. spraying
D. rubbing

Use Fig 2 to answer questions 13 and 14


Fig 2. A plank

13. The pattern on the face of the plank is
A. figure
B. interlocking grain
C. spike knot
D. texture

14. The method of conversion used to produce the plank is
A. quarter sawing
B. boxed heart sawing
C. through and through sawing
D. tangential sawing

15. The most appropriate material used for finishing a kitchen table is
A. plastic laminate
B. glass
C. leather
D. decorative veneer

16. The part of a circular sawing machine that prevents timber from binding on the saw blade is
A. control wheel
B. riving knife
C. fence
D. crown guard

17. The veneers glued across both side of the ground in the manufactured boards are
A. core veneers
B. counter veneer
C. back veneers
D. face veneers

18. A timber defect caused by abnormal shrinkage that flatten and crumble the wood cells is the
A. collapse
B. warping
C. checks
D. decay

19. The metal plate that is fixed to protect a keyhole is
A. an adjustable plate
B. an excuteheon
C. a stinking plate
D. a harp

Use Fig. 3 to answer questions 20 to 22

Fig 3: A piece of unplanned timber

20. The part of the wood to be planed last is labelled as
A. Y
B. X
C. Q
D. P

21. The part labeled Y represents the
A. thickness
B. face side
C. arris
D. face edge

22. The part labeled Q is the
A. face side
B. face edge
C. end
D. width

Free Copy: Objective Questions No. 23-40 Removed

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WAEC Wood Work Theory Essay Questions

WAEC Metal Work Theory Questions

(20 marks)
40 minutes


1(a) Arrange the following mass production activities in their sequential order of
1(a)(i) trial assembly;
1(a)(ii) procurement of materials;
1(a)(iii) preparation of working drawings;
1(a)(iv) final assembly;
1(a)(v) preparation of materials;
1(a)(vi) setting out and cutting of joints. [6 marks]

1(b) List two types of widening joint. [2 marks]

1(c) List two pieces of information that should be contained in a set of working drawings. [2 marks]


2(a) Arrange the following mass production activities in their sequential order of occurrence:
2(a)(i) trial assembly;
2(a)(ii) procurement of materials;
2(a)(iii) preparation of working drawings;
2(a)(iv) final assembly;
2(a)(v) preparation of materials;
2(a)(vi) setting out and cutting of joints. [6 marks]

(b)List two types of widening joint. [2 marks]

(c) List two sources of funds opened to a woodworking sole proprietor. [2 marks]

Free Copy:  REMOVED: PART 3 – Essay Questions No. 03-04, SECTION B, Essay Questions No 05-06

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