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Metal Work Paper 1 – Objective Test Questions
Metal Work Paper 2 – Essay or Theory Questions

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WAEC Metal Work Past Questions

WASSCE Metal Work Questions

Metal-Work 1
Objective Test
1 hour
[40 marks]

Answer all the questions.

Each questions is followed by four option lettered A to D. Find the correct option for each questions and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question. An example is given below.

Which of the following parts of the body must be protected when grinding a tool?
A. Eyes
B. Hands
C. Feet
D. Ears

The correct answer is Eyes, which is lettered A. and therefore answer space A would be

[A] [B] [C] [D]

Think carefully before you shade the answer space, erase completely any answer(s) you wish to change.

Now answer the following questions.

  • WAEC Objective Questions on Metal-Work
  • WASSCE Metal Work Objective Questions

WAEC Objective Questions on Metal Work

1. Which of the following should be encouraged in a workshop?
A. Combustibles on the floor
B. Cross ventilation
C. Oily floor
D. Long bars in vices

2. The appropriate safety wear worn when grinding is
A. ear plugs.
B. goggles.
C. helmet.
D. nose mask.

3. A metal which breaks easily when hammered is
A brittle.
B. ductile.
C. malleable.
D. soft.

4. Which of the following metals is malleable?
A. Brass
B. Bronze
C. Lead
D. Zinc

5. The type of metal suitable for making anvil is
A. cast iron.
B. mild steel.
C. tool steel.
D. wrought iron.

6. The raw material used to produce lead is
A. blende.
B galena
C. pyrite
D. tinstone

7. The instrument used to measure the smallest unit is
A. compass.
B. steel rule
C. Vernier caliper.
D. micrometer.

8. One of the reason for the breakage of a hacksaw blade is when
A. blade teeth point away from the operator.
B. blade is insecurely fixed on the frame
C. three teeth of the blade is in contact with work.
D. blade length is too short.

9. Which of the following tools is used on bushings?
A. Flat scraper
B. Triangular file
C. Half-round scraper
D. Square file

10. The practice that ensures smooth operation of a bench vice is to
A. rub chalk on threads of the vice.
B. hammer the moving jaw.
C. grease threads of the vice.
D. dismantle the vice always.

11. Heat treatment is earned out to
A. melt metals.
B. vapourize metals.
C. alloy steels.
D. harden steels.

12. The process of heating a metal to a critical temperature and cooling in oil immediately is
A. annealing.
B. hardening.
C. normalizing.
D. tempering.

13. A suitable equipment used for heat treatment is
A. a blacksmith’s forge.
B. a blast furnace.
C. a cupola furnace.
D. an electroplating kit.

14. The tempering colour for drills is
A. dark straw.
B. dark purple.
C. pale straw.
D. purple

15. Which of the following tools is used to draw large circles on sheet metals?
A. Combination set
B. Compass
C. Dividers
D. Tranmel

16. The top and bottom hardie are used
A. to cut
B. to break
C. as punch
D. as drift

Figure 1

17. The sketch of a forged piece shown in Figure 1 is a
A. bored hole.
B. drilled hole.
C. punched hole.
D. reamed hole.

[Download the free Metal-Work WAEC/WASSCE past questions in pdf below to see image]

18. Which of the following practices is a safety measure in forge work?
A. Alert co-workers before striking hot metals
B. Adjust the fume extractor regulator
C. Prevent smoke from escaping through the chimney
D. Quench workpiece before striking it

19. One merit of casting is to obtain
A. bigger shapes than desired.
B. the exact shapes desired.
C. smaller shapes than desired.
D. smooth surface desired.

20. The cope and the drag fastened together to receive molten metal is called
A. core.
B. flask.
C. mould.
D. pattern.

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WAEC MetalWork Theory Questions

WAEC Metal Work Theory Questions

1½ hours
[60 mark]
Answer four questions only from this section

Where possible, your answer should be illustrated with freehand sketches
All questions carry equal marks

1(a) Sketch the following nuts:
1(a)(i) castle nut;
1(a)(ii) die nut;
1(a)(iii) lock nut. [9 marks]
1(b) State three suitable materials used for making rivets. [3 marks]
1(c) List three faults in riveting. [3 marks]

2(a) List two types of iron ore. [2 marks]
2(b) State four steps involved in the production of iron from its ore. [8 marks]
2(c) What is the name of the iron produced in (b)? [1 marks]
2(d) State one function each of the two constituents used with the ore in the production of iron [4 marks]

3(a) State three safety precautions that should be observed when working on each of the following:
3(a)(i) drilling machine;
3(a)(ii) lathe machine;
3(a)(iii) grinding machine. [9 marks]
3(b) With the aid of sketches, differentiate between a dot punch and a centre punch.[6 marks]

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Free Metal-Work WASSCE Past Questions PDF Download

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