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Painting and Decoration Paper 2 – Theory/Essay Questions.
Painting and Decoration Paper 3 – Objective Test Questions.

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painting and decorating neco past questions

SSCE NECO Painting and Decoration Objective Questions – Paper 3.

Paper 3 will last for 1 hours
Attempt all questions from this section
Answer Paper 3 on your objective test answer sheet,
Use HB pencil throughout.

Answer All Questions
Each question is followed by four options lettered A to D. Find out the correct options for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you Chosen. Give only one answer to each question. An example is given below

Knowledge of the use of iron enabled the early man in West Africa to

Orange colour can be obtained by mixing equal proportion of
A. Blue and Red
B. Yellow and Red
C. Yellow and Blue
D. Brown and White

The correct answer is Yellow and Red, which is lettered B and therefore answer … B would be shaded.
[A] [B] [C] [D]

Think carefully before you shade the answer spaces; erase completely any answer(s) you wish to change Now answer the following questions

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Painting and Decorating NECO Objective Questions – Paper 3

01. The technique of spreading colours on substrate is referred to as
A. scridding
B. painting
C. designing
D. carving

02__is used for uniform transfer of motif
A. tracing paper
B. newsprint
C. cardboard paper
D. cartridge paper

03. Clearing of oil colour brushes can be done by soaking in
A. varnish oil basin
B. linseed oil basin
C. water basin
D. turpentine basin

04. Emulsion paint can be tinned with
A. water
B. benzol
C. turpentine
D. linseed oil

05. Which of the following is Not a prospect in painting and decorating work?
A. wealth generation
B. self-employment
C. political achievement
D. Paid employment

06. Panders and decorator need to follow specification in
A. applying materials
B. selling materials
D. making materials
E. estimating materials

07. What is the advantage of wash method in water colour painting?
A. use of palette is not necessary
B. It saves a lot of colour
C. it encourages the use of an easlv
D. it requires little water

08. Roller brush, pail ad ladder tools are for_ building painting
A. flat
B. combing
C. spattering
D. ro-rolling

09. Painting executed on the walls is known as
A. house painting
B. scridding painting
C. flat painting
D. mural painting

10. When spraying in a booth, an operative requires a
A. helmet
B. respirator
C. mitten
D. muff

11. In decorative painting, splattering can effectively be achieved with brush and
A. sponge
B. paper
C. stick
D. water

12. All these are building paints except
A. emulsion paint
B. gloss paint
C. decotex paint
D. caustic paint

13. _ is the basic unit of a design
A. motif
B. pattern
C. space
D. texture

14. Witch of the following is NOT part of the painting and decorating trade
A. colour matching
B. industrial coating
C. furniture making
D. wall papering

15. A well-chosen colour scheme scheme for residential building should do the following except to
A. inspire
B. include cheerfulness
C. encourage cleanliness
D. frigten

16. in order to succeed in business, a decorator must.
A. be capable of drawing building plans.
B. be capable of erecting scaffolds.
C. be an excellent sales person.
D. have a knowledge of commercial law.

17. Spray pointing is normally carried out in an environment that is
A. free from dirt
B. high in moisture
C. exposed to sun rays
D. cohered with dust

18. The most suitable tool it mixing paint in building painting is
A. paint stirrer
B. straight eoge
C. palette knife
D. stencil knife

19. An equipped first aid kit must be provided in a site where employees are up to
A. 5 workers.
B. 8 workers
C. 10 workers
D. 12 worker

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NECO Painting and Decoration Essay Past Questions



[60 marks]

Answer four questions in all

All questions carry equal marks

1        a. Define the term stencil

          b. Mention two types of stencil

          c. Outline in sequence five steps involved in stenciling

2.       a. Make a sketch of a pole ladder and label two of its major parts

          b. List ten precautions that an operative should observe when using a pole ladder

3.       a.       Mention any four items covered by overheads in costing a painting job

          b.       Outline any five factors to be considered when costing painting and decorating job

          c.       Explain the following in the costing of painting and decorating job

                    i. prime cost

                    ii. Net Cost

4.       a. Define finish in decorative painting

          b. Highlight six difference between matt and glass frosh

5.       a. Define the term corrosion

          b. Outline six steps involved in the preparation of corroded metal surface for glass    finishing

6.       a.       Define the term colour

          b.       Describe the following properties of colours

                    i. buc

                    ii chroma

          c.       Explain any three of the following terms as related to colour in painting and  decorating

                    i.        complementary colour

                    ii.       Advancing colour

                    iii.      Discordant colour

                    iv.      Monochromatic colour

                    v.       receding colour

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