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Physics Paper 2 – Theory/Essay Questions
Physics Paper 3 – Objective Test Questions

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Physics Questions for NECO

NECO Physics Objective Questions

Paper III will last for 1 hour, 15 minutes.
Answer Paper III on your objective test answer sheet.
On completion of Paper III, the objective test answer sheet will be collected.
Answer all the questions.
Each question is followed by five options A to E.
Find out the correct option for each question and shade in pencil, on your answer sheet,
The answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen.
Give only one answer to each question. An example is given below.

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Physics Objective Questions for NECO Paper 3 III

1.The frequency of a vibrating spring is 4Hz.
Determine the time it will take to make 20 oscillations
A. 0.2s
B. 5.0s
C. 16.0s
D. 24.0s
E. 80.0s

2. A stone is pulled along a horizontal plane by a constant force of 20N at an angle of 30° to the plane.
Calculate the work done in moving the stone through a distance of 10m.
A. 100.0 J
B. 115.5 J
C. 173.2 J
D. 200.0 J
E. 250.0 J

3. An effort of 66,25ON was applied through a distance of 32m, on a crane, to lift a container weighing 424,000N through a vertical height of 4m.
What is the efficiency of the machine?
A. 12.5%
B. 21.5%
C. 51.2%
D. 64.0%
E. 80.0%

4. Which of the following phenomenon is due to reflection of light
A. A red surface appearing black when viewed under green light
B. A stick appearing bent when partially immersed in water
C. Formation of image
D. Formation of shadow
E. Production of glare

5. Which of the following pairs of objects are both luminous?
A. Candle and sun
B. Electric lamp and moon
C. Glow-worms and torch light
D. Star and candle
E. Sun and fire-fly

6. An object is placed 15cm in front of a concave mirror of radius of curvature 20cm.
Calculate the magnification of the image produced.
A. 2.0
B. 2.5
C. 3.0
D. 4.5
E. 5.0

7. Two parallel metal plates separated by a distance of 5.0cm, are charged to a voltage of 20V.
Calculate the electric field intensity between them.
A. l.0Vm-1
B. 4.0Vm -1
C. 25.0Vm -1
D. l00.0Vm -1
E. 400.0Vm -1

10. A radioactive material has a half-life of 5 years. What is the fraction of the original radioactive nuclei that will be lost after 20 years?
B. 1/16
C. 1/8
D. 7/8
E. 15/16

11. The proton and neutron numbers present in an atom represented by xyɅ A are____ respectively.
A. X and X – Y
B. X and X + Y
C. Y and X
D. Y and X-Y
E. Y and X + Y

12. An atom moves from an energy level E2 to a lower energy level E1. If h is the Planck’s constant, the expression for the frequency of the radiation in terms of the given parameters is
A. h(E1-E2).
B. h(E2 -E1 ).
C. h(E2 -E1 ) -1
D. (E1 -E2 ) h -1
E. (E2 -E1 ) h -1

13. Shiroro dam is an hydroelectric dam located in __State.
A. Benue
B. Borno
C. Kogi
D. Niger
E. Sokoto

14. A gyroscope is a part of a satellite that
A. aligns the satellite in its orbit.
B. monitors weather condition.
C. receives signals.
D. reduces air resistance.
E. stores energy.

15. The following are functions of Nigeria Sat-1, except
A. agriculture.
B. broadcasting.
C. defense.
D. environmental management.
E. transportation.

16. Which of the following is not a condition for producing large e.m.f. in generator?
A. Increasing the number of turns in the armature
B. Increasing the speed of the armature
C. Increasing the strength of the magnetic field
D. Interchanging the polarity of the magnet
E. Wounding the coil on a soft iron core

17. Electrical power is transmitted at high voltage and low current so as to
A. increase the magnitude of the current.
B. minimize energy losses.
C. minimize the risk of transmission.
D. reduce the cost of transmission. ;
E. stabilize the power supply.

18. Which of the following machines is not used in the office?
A. Perforator
B. Photocopier
C. Plier
D. Scanner
E. Stapler

19. A quantity of salt was added to a cup of cold water and left undisturbed. After sometime the mixture becomes a salt solution. This phenomenon is due to
A. Brownian motion.
B. capillarity.
C. convection.
D. diffusion.
E. osmosis.

20. The electron of an atom
I. moves in an orbit without -radiating energy.
II. has an angular momentum that is quantize.
III. has energy that cannot vary continuously.

Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct about Bohr’s model?
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I and II only
E. I,II and III

NECO Physics Theory Past Questions

This paper consists of TWO parts: I and II.
Answer TEN questions, SIX questions from Part I and FOUR questions from Part II.
Write your answers in ink or blue/black biro in your answer booklet.
Use of scientific calculators or mobile phones is not allowed.
Paper II will last for 1 hour, 45 minutes.

Physics Theory Questions for NECO Paper 2 – Part 1 one

Answer six questions from this part: No.l and any other five.
Question No.1 carries 5 marks while others carry 3 marks each.

1. (a) Name the basic materials needed for the construction of an electric motor.
(b) Stale three uses of rockets.
(c) Mention two applications of solar collectors.

2. A line RS of magnitude 10 units is specified by the coordinates R(6,4) and S(2,K), determine the positive value of K.

3. (a) What is trajectory?
(b) State the parameters that determine the total time of flight of a projectile other than acceleration of free fall due to gravity.

4-10 removed/omitted

11. The wavelength of an electron λe is expressed as

where h, me and Ve are the Planck’s constant, mass and velocity of the electron respectively.
Express the kinetic energy of the electron in terms of the given parameters.

Physics NECO Theory Questions Paper 2 – Part 2 Two

Answer any four questions from this part.
All questions carry equal marks.

12. (a) Mention the class of lever that each of the Following simple machines belongs to:
(i) sugar tongs:
(ii) nutcracker;
(iii) pliers;
(iv) bottle openers.

(b) (i) State Archimedes’ principle.
(ii) Explain why an object feels lighter in water than in air.

(c) A mass of 500g is attached to a vertical spiral spring and set into vibration. If the force constant of the spring is 4Nm-1. Calculate the

(i) period;
(ii) frequency of the oscillation.
[n = 3.14]

13. (a) State two differences between heat and temperature.
(b) Draw and label a bimetallic strip, made of copper and iron, after heating.

(c) A bomb of mass 6.0kg explodes into many parts but only one-filth of its mass flies off in two directions.
One part, which is of mass 0.8kg flies off with a velocity of 50ms-1 and the other with a velocity V flies off in the opposite direction. Calculate the
(i) magnitude of V and
(ii) total kinetic energy of the bomb.

14-16 omitted/removed

17. (a) (i) What is an artificial satellite?
(ii) Mention one example of an artificial satellite other than Nigeria Sat-1

(b) (i) Draw a labelled diagram;
(ii) explain the working principle of a step-up transformer.

(c) A slide projector gives an image of a square slide of side 20cm. If the image is a square of side 220cm and the slide is 8cm from the lens. Calculate the
(i) image distance;
(ii) focal length of the lens.

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