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Islamic Studies Paper 2 – Theory/Essay Questions.
Islamic Studies Paper 3 – Objective Test Questions.

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NECO Islamic Religion IRS Past Questions

NECO Past Questions on Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies Paper III

Paper 3 will last 1 hour
Attempt all Questions from this section
Answer paper 3 on your objective test answer sheet,
Use HB pencil throughout.

NECO Objective Test Questions on Islamic Studies.

1. Suratul _______ was revealed in Madinah.
A. Layl
B. Kawthar
C. Inshirah
D. Bayyinah
E. Alaq

2. The main lesson of Suratul Kafirin is on
A. uncompromising of religion.
B. religious tolerance.
C. oneness of Allah
D. brotherhood in Islam.
E. assistance from Allah.

3. Which of the following is indicted in Suratul Qadr?
A. Stages of creation
B. Significance of Hajj
C. Revelation of al-Qur’ an
D. Reason for learning
E. Importance of Tafsir

4. Lakum dinukum waliya din is in Suratul
A. Qadr
B. MaUn.
C. Kafirun
D. Falaq.
E. Asr.

5. The following were among the writers of revelation except
A. Zayd bn Thabit.
B. Umar bn KhaftSb.
C. Mu’awiyah bn Abi Sufyan.
D. Bilal bn Rabah.
E. ‘Abdullah bn ‘Amr bn al-‘As.

6. Which of the following Suwar is known as Ummul-Qur’an?
A. At-Tin
B. Al-Masad
C. Al-Fatihah
D. Al-Falaq
E. Al-A‘la

7. Al- Qur’an has the following names except
A. at-Tanzil.
B. al-Kitab.
C. al-Irsal.
D. al-Furqan.
E. ad-Dhikr.

8. The first revelation came to the Prophet (SAW) in ____ C.E.
A. 622
B. 617
C. 615
D. 613
E. 610

9. The written text of al-Qur‘an passed through ____ stages.
A. two
B. ten
C. six
D. four
E. eight

10. The transmission of the text of al-Qur an to the sahabah was through
A. standardization
B. publication
C. memorization
D. distribution
E. compilation.

11. which of the following suwar refers to the abundance
A. An-Nasr
B. Al-Kawthar
C. Al-kafirtun
D. Al-Ikhlas
E. Al-Falaq

12. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) received the first revelation at the age of
A. twenty three.
B. twenty five.
c. thirty.
D. forty.
E. forty five.

13. The major lesson in Suratul Humazah is
A. seeking refuge in Allah.
B. not being harsh to the poor.
C. kindness to orphans.
D. keeping away from rumour mongering and backbiting.
E. being good to your neighbour.

14. The following are the effects of Zina except
A. veneral diseases.
B. shame in life.
C. long life.
D. illegitimate children.
E. broken home.

15. Tell the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty
The verse warns against the following except
A. pornography
B. nudity
C. fornication
D. bribery
E. adultery

16. Double vowels in the rules of Tajwid is known as
A. Tanwin
B. Izhar.
C. Iqlab
D. Ikhfa
E. Idgham

17. Suratul Asr stresses the Importance of
A. wealth
B. time
C. patience.
D. Last Day
E. knowledge.

18. Tafsir was of __ types during the time of the Prophet (SAW)
A. two
B. three
C. six
D. four
E. five

19. Prophet mohammad (SAW) said let him spare suffering to the animal slaughters this indicates an act of
A. sincerity.
B. mercifulness.
C. goodness
D. generosity.
E. counselling.

20. The following are the compilers of Hadith except.
A. Imam Muslim
B. Imam Bukhari.
C. At-Tirmidht.
D. An-Nass’I.
E. Abu Hurayrah.

Questions No 21-60 Omitted/Removed

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Islamic Studies NECO Theory Questions

Islamic Studies PAPER II
This paper consists of four parts.
Answer four questions, choosing one from each part
Write your answer in blue or black ink in your answer booklet.
All questions carry equal marks.

Islamic Studies Theory Questions – PAPER II

1a. Write preferably in Arabic, the text of suratul Kawthar (9 marks)
1b. Explain any two lessons from the sarah (6 marks)

2.a. Define Revelation (3 marks)
b. Explain the three modes of Revelation. (12 marks)


5a. What is Talaq? (3 marks)
5b. List and explain any three kinds of Talaq (12 marks)

6a. Mention the names of Ulul Azm minar Rusul (5 marks)
5b. Explain the importance of belief in the Prophets (10 marks)

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