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Most Student do fail or perform below expectation, as a result of this, we have compiled Marketing exam question for student preparing for test or examination.

The SS1, SS2 & SS3 exam questions served as a reference material and also help teacher to set test and exam question.

Marketing Scheme of Work
Marketing SS1-3 Exam Questions
Marketing SSCE Past Questions and Answers – WAEC, NECO, NABTEB
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Marketing Exam Questions Paper for SS1, SS2, SS3

Marketing Exam Questions for SS1-3

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Download Free SS1 Marketing Objective/Theory Questions for second term
Link 1 Agric Science Exam Questions

Link 2  Agric Science Exam Questions


Marketing Objective Questions for SS1 Second Term

01. One of the functions of a small retailer is to. 
(a) break goods into small units.
(b) sell goods in large quantities.
(c) grant credit to produces.
(d) Sell goods to the final consumers.

02. An importance’s of transportation to a market is that it.
(a) reduce cost of production
(b) increase the price of goods 
(c) increase the efficiency in distribution 
(d) reduce the distribution cost

03. Which of the following is a function of warehousing? 
(a) keeping and making good goods available when required.
(b) hoarding of goods to increase prices.
(c) making goods available to final consumers
(d) storing of small units of products.

04. A function of packaging is to
(a) improve product quality.
(b) reduce competition.
(c) protect the product.
(d) prevent adulteration.

05. The orientation that assumes the consumers would only buy when persuaded with aggressive advertisement is (a) selling concept 
(b) product concepts. 
(c) production concept.
(d) marketing concept. 

06. An elements in the marketing mix.
(a) propaganda 
(b) publicity.
(c) product.
(d) packaging. 
07. Which of the following is an attribute of marketing concepts ?.
(a) are considered to be always right. 
(b) prefer quality product.
(c) would buy cheap product

09. Merchandising is best suited for
(a) consumer goods.
(b) primary product.
(c) industrial services.
(d) organization products. 

10. Which of the following factors affect the location of a retail outlet. 
(a) government policy
(b) weather condition
(c) company’s goodwill 
(d) product quality

11. The shop that offers a range of grocery items is a,
(a) specialty store 
(b) depot
(c) supermarket
(d) discount stores 

12. The reward for an entrepreneur is .
(a) a fee 
(b) profits
(c) salary 
(d) a commission 

13. Which of the following activities is a faction of marketing?. 
(a) provision of finance
(b) absorption of risks
(c) facilitation of exchange 
(d) production of goods

14. An individual or organization that enhance business activities but do not participate in the following is (a) distribution.
(b) seller.
(c) marketer.
(d) facilitation 

15. A market with many buyers compared to suppliers is an exchange of 
(a) government market.
(b) reseller market. 
(c) consumers market 
(d) industrial market. 

16. In the consumer buying decision process an influencing factor that include age and occupation is. 
(a) personal factor
(b) social factor
(d) cultural factor 
(d) psychological factor  

17. At what stage in the buying decision process does a consumer collect information about a product. 
(a) need recognition stage 
(b) Alternative search stage
(c) post purchase decision 
(d) purchase decision

18. An element in a company’s economic environment is 
(a) a personal lifestyle 
(b) family members
(c) technology innovation 
(d) inflation rate 

19. The need and ability to pay for a product is. 
(a) demand
(b) supply
(c) sales  
(d) transaction

20. Tubers of yam offered by a famer for sale in an example of a. 
(a) secondary product 
(b) manufactured product .
(c) primary product.

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SS1 Theory Questions on Marketing Second Term


1 Explain the following action before marketing  
i. Mobilization of work force.
ii. Production of quality goods and services.
iii. Managing distribution net work.  

2a. what is market in marketing?.
b. State the functions  of marketing’s .
c. Explain the following ,
i. Resellers market 
ii. Government market
iii. Industrial markets 

3.Explain the following  stages in consumers buying decision process.
i. Problem recognition.
ii. Information search.
iii. Evaluation of alternative.
iv. Purchase decision. 

4a what is organizational buying behaviour?
b. Explain the the following marketing environmental factors 
i. Political.
ii Cultural.

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