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Civic Education Exam Questions for Senior Secondary School

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Download Free SS2 Civic Education objective/Theory Questions for second term
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Link 2  Civic Education Exam Questions


SS2 Civic Education Objective Questions Second Term

01. A non-governmental organization that allows independent initiatives of citizens is known as 
(a) demonization 
(b) pressure group 
(c) religious group 
(d) professional society

02. Which of the following is best way through which citizens can participate in the politics of their country 
(a) acquisition of degree in political science 
(b) standing for elective positions 
(c) learning the art and science of political sagacity 
(d) undergoing mentorship under prominent political leaders 

03. The active involvement of people in the decision making process in a state indicates political 
(a) indoctrination 
(b) participation 
(c) struggle 
(d) apathy 

4. The inalienable rights of citizens of a state can best be protected through 
(a) an unwritten constitution 
(b) parliamentary system of government 
(c) unitary system of government 
(d) an independent judiciary 

5. Drug abuse often leads to 
(a) sexually transmitted diseases 
(b) cancerous illness (c) psychiatric disorder 
(d) incurable ailment

6. Use of hard drugs could best be curtailed through 
(a) compensation 
(b) rehabilitation 
(c) enlightenment 
(d) compromise

7. If an individual persist in the use of hard drugs, such individual is likely to exhibit 
(a) hostile attitude 
(b) unfriendly towards foreigners 
(c) oppressive behavior 
(d) emotional illness and aggression 

Use the story below to answer question 8-10

Dr. Fayir was the minister of work and urban development in the Ganiba republic. As such he was entrusted with the public fund so that his ministry could construct new roads and rehabilitates the existing ones. Unfortunately, Dr. Fayir embezzled the money entrusted in his care and siphoned some to his foreign accounts. This led to the deplorable conditions of roads in the republic. The crime commission arrested and prosecuted him accordingly. He was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment with hard labor without the option of a fine. In addition he forfeited all his ill gotten wealth to the republic.

8. Dr. fayir cannot exercise some basic rights because he 
(a) was a suspect in a criminal case 
(b) was found guilty of a criminal offence 
(c) failed to comply with court order 
(d) embezzled public funds

9. According to the above story, the open trial of dr. Fajir and representation by lawyers of his representation lawyers of his choice in a court of competent jurisdiction is an an indication of 
(a) respect for habeas carpus 
(b) freedom of expression 
(c) respect for human right 
(d) freedom of legal representation 

10. Based on the above story which of the following would Dr. Fajir not allowed to do while in prison? 
(a) voting during elections 
(b) Engaging in hard labour 
(c) participating in prison fellowship 
(d) writing examination 

11. UDHR is an acronym for 
(a) United Distinction of Human Right 
(b) Universal Dedaration of Human Right 
(c) Universal Distinction of Human Laws 
(d) Universal Declaration of Human Laws 

12. Drug abuse can be caused by the following except one 
(a) personality factor 
(b) Quest to be responsible 
(c) peer group influence 
(d) emotional and psychological stress 

13. Which of the following is not a symptom of drug abuse 
(a) kindness 
(b) violence 
(c) depression 
(d) allergy 

14. Drug is classified into ______ and _______ 
(a) legal and illegal 
(b) good and bad 
(c) right and wrong 
(d) white and black 

15. ____ are right and freedom all human being are entitled to 
(a) human liberty 
(b) human freedom 
(c) human right 
(d) human laws 

Use the dialogue below to answer question 16 – 20
Ada: Wanja, where are you going to in this ungodly hour of the night?
Wanja: I am heading towards my usual joint to enjoy myself.
Ada: Which joint?
Wanja: XYZ night club where I take marijuana and alcoholic beverages.
I really want to be high tonight so that when people see me tomorrow they will fear and respect me
Ada: Remember people who work under the influence of hard drugs and alcoholic beverages are prone to either psychiatric problems of premature death. Softly young man, imbibe good-natured character, you have the world at your feet and a destiny to fulfill pray you will not be the architect of your own misfortune.

16. From the above dialogue, it is very likely that wanja will be exhibiting the following characters excerpt ______ 
(a) disobedience 
(b) truancy and lateness to school 
(c) hospitable attitude 
(d) arrogance and unruly behavior 

17. Which of the following may result from wanji habit? 
(a) humility for elders 
(b) criminality in the society 
(c) aduocacy for hard drugs by NGOS 
(d) excellent performance in school 

18. From Ada’s admonition, it could be deduced that taking drugs could (a) make people respect the addict 
(b) lead to insanity of the addict 
(c) make people to adore the drug addicts 
(d) ensure courteous behavior by the addicts 

19. From the above dialogue, wanya’s behavior could be curtailed by (a) sending him abroad for further 
(b) studies 
(b) financial inducement 
(c) re-orientation and rehabilitation 
(d) indulging him with expensive gifts 

20. Which of the following governmental agencies is the most capable most capable of controlling the activities of Wanja 
(b) NOA 
(c) NEMA 
(d) NDLEA 

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Theory Civic Education Questions for SS2


Answer any 4 questions

1a) Define pressure group 
1b) State 3 types of pressure group and give 2 examples each 
1c) State 3 functions of pressure group
2a) Define popular participation 
2b) State 3 ways of participating in politics 

3) Discuss how popular organization are formed using political party as a reference point

4a) What is Human Right 
4b) List 10 types of fundamental human right 
4c) State 3 factors/conditions that safeguard/protect fundamental human rights
5a) What is drug and drug abuse 
5b) Mention 4 agencies to work to prevent drug abuse 
5c) State 3 drugs that can be abused 
5d) State 3 symptoms exhibited by drug addicts 

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