DELSU Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery PDF Download with Answer

Did you apply into the faculty of Clinical Medicine, are you eligible for Delta State University, Abraka Post JAMB Screening Test, Also know as DELSU Post UTME, if yes you need the DELSU Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery, to enhance your preparatory skill in readiness to the exam.

we at has compiled all DELSU Abraka Post UTME Past Questions for all Department in the Faculty of Clinical Medicine from 2006 – till date.

This past questions will give you an over-view and nature of the exams.

Our research has confirm that candidate who seek admission into the faculty of Clinical Medicine and uses DELSU Post UTME Medicine Past Questions and Answer specifically to prepare for the Post JAMB Admission Screening Examination is ten times better than those who do not.

DELSU Post UTME Subjects for Medicine Combination.

What are the Subjects Written in DELSU Post UTME for Medicine.

The subjects you will write in Delta State University Abraka Aptitude Test are:
English Language – 25 questions
Aptitude Test – 25 questions
General Paper- 50 questions
Total number of question is equal to 100 questions

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Delta State University Abraka
Post JAMB Screening Test
Time: 1 Hour
Questions Paper Type: Option P
English Language, General Paper & Aptitude Test

Question Count: English (25) Aptitude Test (20) General Paper (55)

31. Actively dividing cells are also referred to as
M. Meristem
N. Xylem
O. Phloem
P. Rootcap

32. Which one of the following states is not in Niger-delta
M. Abia
N. Niger
O. Delta
P. Ondo

33. A circular disc is divided into seven parts with each part consisting of one of the colours in the spectrum of white light. What colour will be observed if the disc is rotated at high speed?
M. White
N. Red
O. Violet
P. Indigo

34. From the top of a pole, the angle of depression of a point 200m away from the foot of the pole is measured to he 45°. The height of the pole is
M. 350m
N. 182m
O. 262m
P. 200m

35 Fill the gaps with the most appropriate option.
The traveler had to run….. in order…… the train

M. First/to catch
N. Fast/to cash
O. Fast/to catch
P. First/to catch

36 All but one of the following is typical to living organisms
M. Cellular composition
N. Death
O. Perspiration
P. Photosynthesis

37. If the alphabets A to Z are number 1 to 26 respectively what is the value of SUCCESS
M. 82
N. 102
O. 89
P. 92

38 Convert 92°f to °c
M. 11.11 C
N. 22.22°C
O. 33.33°C
P. 44.44°C

39. If the logarithm of the number 20 to base 10 is 1.3 010, then the number 3 010 is called
M. Anti-logarithm
N. Mantissa
O. Standard form
P. Characteristics

40. Fill the gaps with the most appropriate option.
If Kaka hadn’t tried to stand up in the boat, he…..into the lake
M. Wouldn’t have fallen
N. Will not have fell
O. Will not have fallen
P. Wouldn’t have fell

41. Mucor and Rhizopus are typical examples of
M. Mutualism
N. Symbiosis
O. Saprophytism
P. Predation

42. If the alphabets Ato Z are numbered 1 to 26 respectively, what is the value of TIME?
M. 57
N. 50
O. 74
P. 47

43. The heat required to melt a unit mass of a material of standard atmospheric pressure without changing its temperature is known as
M. Heat of ice
N. Heat of melting
O. Heat of fusion
P. Heat of vaporisation

44. Given that one angle of a polygon is reflex, then the polygon is called a
M. Regular polygon
N. Re-entrant polygon
O. Convex polygon
P. Equilateral polygon

45. Choose the option that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined
some youths of the generation are often hard-hearted
M. Indifferent
N. Fastidious
O. Proficient
P. Compassionate

46. Plants are regarded as autotrophic because
M. They cannot move from one place to another
N. They can manufacture their own food materials
O. They cannot produce their own food
P. They are not self sustaining

47. The body that regulates University education inNigeria is

48. Which of the following substance will not obey the general rule of a substance expanding when heated and contracts when cooled?
M. Steel
N. Cupper
O. Water
P. Iron

*49. Given that 195x = 257, where x is a number base, then the value of x is
M. 12
N. 8
O. 9
P. 7

50. Choose the option that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined.
The syrup’s taste is disgusting
M. Refreshing
N. Medicinal
0. Unpleasant
P. Bitter

51. Omnivores eat
M. Plants only
N. Animals only
O. Plants and animals
P. Scavengers

52 One of the following cities has no central traditional ruler
M. Lagos
N. Benin
O. Ibadan
P. Kaduna

53. In the absolute temperature scale, the melting point of ice is equivalent to….
M. 80k
N. 212k
O. 273k
P. 312k

54 The hypotenus of a triangle ABC is 13cm, if the right angle is at A and C = 12, b = 5, then the value of Sin2B + Cos2B is
M. 1
N. 12./13
0. 2
P. 5./13

55. Choose the option that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined
should you always rely on conjectures?
M. Facts
N. Hearsay
O. Figures
P. Fabrications

56. If an organism obtains its food through haustoria, such organism is said to be
M. Parasitic
N. Symboiotic
O. Epiphytic
P. Saprohytic

Delta State University Abraka Post-UTME Past Answer

31. M
32. N
33. M. = When the disc is rotated the coloura fade to while.
34. P
35. O
36. M
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
U V W X Y 7
21 22 23 24 25 26
SUCCESS = 19+21+3+3+5+19+19 = 89
38. O
39. Log10 20 = 1.3010 ANS N
40. M
41. O
42. TIME = 20+9+13+5 = 47 ANS P
43. O
44. N
45. P
46. N
47. M
48. O
49. M
50. M
51. O
52 Ibadan – Olubadan
Benin – Oba
Lagos – Oba
Ans P
53. O
54. M
55. M
56. M

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