Physical and Health Education PHE Questions for Primary Schools in Nigeria – All Class/Term

Download Physical and Health Education PHE Exam Questions Paper Primary 1-6 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term for Primary Schools in Nigeria.

Teaching is really an interesting job, but for some factors like low pay, setting of exam questions, marking of students examination scripts and compilation of students results has made teaching job more stressful.

To help reduce the workload we have compiled all PHE exam question paper in MS Word from Primary one (1) to six (6);
To serve as a reference material;
To help teachers set tests and examination questions.

School pupils will also find it useful for revision and exam preparation.

Physical and Health Education PHE Primary School Exam Questions

PHE Exam Questions for Primary School – Features

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Basic/Primary 1 to 6 Physical and Health Education Exam Questions – Benefit

The Benefit of Using Our Primary School Physical and Health Education Exam Questions.

As a teacher using our Multiple Exam Question source make teaching more interesting.
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As a student it make you identify key areas to focus on.
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How to Download Nigeria Primary School Physical and Health Education Questions

Step to get PHE Exam Questions for Primary (Basic 1 – 6 )

Here is an example of our Cultural and Creative arts exam questions for basic class 1-6 cost Pattern.
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Download Free PHE Exam Questions for Primary 5

Link 1: P.H.E Exam Questions

Link 2: P.H.E Exam Questions

Physical and Health Education for Primary 5 Second Term

SUBJECT: Physical and Health Education
CLASS: Basic/Primary 5

P.H.E Objective Questions for Primary 5


01. What are ball games?
(a) games played outdoors
(b) games played with a ball
(c) games allowed to be played by children

02. Which of these is not a ball game?
(a) baseball
(b) volleyball
(c) chess

03. To contest possession in football involves____
(a) pushing and kicking an opponent
(b) heading the ball from the hands of the goalkeeper
(c) tackling n opponent in possession

04. What are food nutrients?
(a) the remaining part of food after we have taken our portion
(b) the food we give our younger ones to eat
(c) a substance we obtain from food that is used in the body to promote growth, maintain and repair of the body

5. Which of these foods is a vegetable?
(a) okro
(b) plantain
(c) oil

6. What causes kwashiorkor?
(a) eating food containing only carbohydrate without enough protein
(b) lack of vitamins
(c) lack of oil

7. Rickets is caused by lack of ___
(a) protein
(b) vitamin D
(c) vitamin A

8. Pellagra is caused by ____
(a) lack of vitamin B3 or macin
(b) lack of carbohydrate
(c) lack of vitamin E

9. Scurvy is a disease caused by ____
(a) lack of water
(b) lack of vitamin C
(c) lack of meat in diet

10. What does rickets cause in those suffering from it?
(a) skin infection
(b) bone softening leading to skeletal deformities
(c) headache and cold

11. An advantage of playing indoor basketball is that it helps to burn calories.

12. When playing indoor volleyball a pair of knee pads is needed to protect your knees when you hit the floor to makes a play.
True/Not true

13. A person suffering from kwashiorkor will have a colour change in the skin and hair.

14. The size of a family can affect the kind of nutrition a family gets.
True/Not true

15. A small family with good income will have better nutrition.
True/Not true

Want more Objective Questions like this?
Get the Complete Physical and Health Education Exam Questions (Obj & Theory); In editable Ms-word format for any of the Primary/Basic 1 – 6 Classes.

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P.H.E Theory Questions for Primary Schools


1. List FOUR equipment and facilities used in football.

2. Name FOUR facilities and equipment used in basket ball.

3a. What is food nutrition?
3b. List the SIX sources of nutrition.

4. Give TWO examples each for THREE sources of nutrition.

5. Mention the diseases caused by lack of nutrition.

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