Agricultural Science Exam Question for Primary Schools in Nigeria – All Classes

Download Agricultural Science (Agric Sci) Exam Questions Paper 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term for Primary Schools in Nigeria all Classes.

Teaching is really an interesting job, but for some factors like low pay, setting of exam questions, marking of students examination scripts and compilation of students results has made teaching job more stressful.

To help reduce the workload we have compiled all Agricultural Science exam question paper in MS Word from Primary one (1) to six (6);
To serve as a reference material;
To help teachers set tests and examination questions.

School pupils will also find it useful for revision and exam preparation.

Agricultural Science Exam Questions for Primary School – Features

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Primary 1 to 6 Agric Sci Exam Questions – Benefit

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Download Free Agric Sci Exam Question for Basic 4
Link 1 Agric Sci Exam Questions

Link 2 Agric Sci Exam Questions

Agricultural Science Questions for Primary 4 First Term Exam


Objective Questions on Agricultural Science for Primary 4


01. Agriculture means _______
(a) A study that deals with Cultivation of Crops, rearing of animal, processing and selling of Agricultural product
(b) seed planting
(c) Air Cultivation

02. ______ is not an importance of Agriculture to Nigeria
(a) Provision of employment
(b) food production
(c) Keeping just a few people happy

03. Which of the following is an agricultural activity?
(a) Cultivation of land
(b) Planting of crops
(c) A & B

04. ____ is a man whose job is farming
(a) Labourer
(b) Gardener
(c) Farmer

05. ____ is the layer of the earth in which we grow plants
(a) Soil
(b) Field
(c) Land

06. Which of these is not a kind of Soil?
(a) Ash Soil
(b) Clay Soil
(c) Loamy Soil

07. Which of the following best describes a Sandy Soil?
(a) A soil that holds very little water
(b) Soil that consist of clay particles
(c) Soil that can hold much water

08. _______ is sticky and heavy if wet
(a) Loamy Soil
(b) Sandy Soil
(c) Clay Soil

09. Which of the following statements is not true of soils?
(a) Soils are made up of mixture particles
(b) Soils are all the same
(c) Soil support plant life

10.______ is used for cutting down trees and chopping of woods
(a) Cutlass
(b) Trowels
(c) Diggers

11. ______ is used for carrying small loads about in the farm
(a) Watering can
(b) Wheel Barrow
(c) Seed box

12. The removal of the top soil either by wind or water is known as ____
(a) Rainfall
(b) Erosion
(c) Drainage

13. _____ is not a vegetable
(a) Onion
(b) Tomato
(c) Sweet Potatoes

14. Which of these is a vegetable?
(a) Rice
(b) Pepper
(c) Tomato

15. Which of these is not a fruit?
(a) Banana
(b) Cassava
(c) Mango

Want more Objective Multiple Choice Questions like this?
Get the Complete Agricultural Science Exam Questions (Obj & Theory); In editable Ms-word format for any of the Primary/Basic 1 – 6 Classes.

What Others are download Exam Questions for Primary School

Agric Science Theory Questions for Basic/Primary 4

SECTION B (Theory)
Instruction: Answer all Question

1a. Define Erosion
1b. List the types of Erosion
1c. Mention the agents that causes erosion

2a. What is Agriculture?
2b. Mention 5 explain 2 importance of Agriculture
2c. List 5 people involved in Agricultural activities.

3a. Define Soil
3b. List and explain the types of soil
3c. Complete the table below

4a. Differentiate between Animal farm Tools and Crop farm tools
4b. List 5 examples of fishing farm tools
4c. Mention 4 ways of maintaining and caring of farm tools

5a. What is Soil Fertility?
5b. Mention 3 Ways of making the soil fertile
5c. Explain the different method of how fertilizers are applied

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