BECE JSS3 Mock Exam Questions Paper Ms-Word/PDF Download

BECE JSS3 Mock Exam Question Paper Ms-Word/PDF Download
Do you want to download BECE JSS3 Mock Exam Question Paper in Editable Msword/Pdf. Are you looking for Junior Secondary School Final Promotional Mock Exam Past Questions.

Then your search end here.

A mock test means a drill that is conducted before the actual test or Exam.

The purpose of mock exam is to give candidates fresh ideas on the kind of questions to expect during the main exam and motivate them towards stepping up their preparation towards the main exam.

Benefit of Mock Test/Examination.

– It serve as an effective form of Exam preparation.
– Used to test what one already knew.
– it give one confidence to be stress free on the day of the actual exam.
– Reassurance of Academic Progress, (Erasion of Examination phobia).
– Help to alleviate Exam anxiety.

Feature of the JSS3 Mock Exam Questions Paper.

Is based on the Nerdc Curriculum.
Can be view and read on any Smart Phone
Can be Printed out into hard copy.
Can be obtain on Micro-Soft Word Editable format (Special Request)

What others are downloading: Printable Mock Exam Answer Sheet

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Download Mock Examination Questions for JSS3 BECE

The Follow Mock Examination Questions are Available for Download in Ms-Word/Pdf
Basic Science and Technology.
Business Studies.
Christian Religious studies.
Cultural and Creative Art.
English Language.
French Language.
National Value.
Pre-Vacational Studies.

For Student
You can view and study the pdf version on your computer or smart phone.

For Teacher
you can view, modify, and print the Ms-Word version to suit what you want to used it for.

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How to Get BECE Mock Exam Question Paper.

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JSS3 Basic Science & Technology Mock Exam Paper Sample


Basic Science/Technology Objective Mock Questions

SECTION A (OBJECTIVE) – Answer all Question in this section

From the options lettered A-D, choose the word that is correctly used to fill in the blank spaces.

1 ……is a material used as electrical insulators.
A. capacitor
B. ceramic
C. resistor
D. rubber

2. Parallelogram with an area of 8cm2 and given height of 4cm2, calculate the base.

3. Machines that operate mainly with fluid are
A. hydraulic.
B. pneumatic.
C. milling.
D. gas.

4. The product made by combining two or more metallic elements is
A. an Aluminum.
B. an Alloy.
C. a Brass.
D. a Bronze.

5. Belt drives are driven by aid…
A. gear.
B. machine.
C. pulley.
D. shaft.

6. In a car gear system, the least number of teeth is found in gear

7. One of the following is a method of wood conversion.
A. Defect sawing
B. Line sawing
C. Straight sawing
D. Tangential sawing

8. An example of sanitary fitting in a building is
A. defects.
B. elbow.
C. urinal.

9. An example of natural defect is
A. bow.
B. knot.
C. twisting.
D. wanes.

10. Metals are classified into pure metals and…..
A. alloy
B. carbon steel.
C. ferrous metals.
D. non-ferrous metals.

11.Pig iron contains….. as impurity.
A. aluminum
B. famous
C. steel
D. sulphur

12.Motions are classified into….types.
A. five
B. four
C. three
D. two

13. The machine used in banks for financial transaction is referred to as
A. Automated Teller Machine.
B. Automation Teller Machine.
C. Automating Teller Method.
D. Automated Teller Mechanical.

14. Which of the following persons is a Nigerian role model in mechanical engineering?
A. Dr. Philip Emeagwali
B. Dr.Chike Obi
C. Dr. Chinwa Achebe
D. Dr.Ayodele Awojobi

15.Which of these is used as head protection device in workshop.
A. Shield
B. Helmet
C. Gloves
D. Belt

16. The wood obtained from deciduous tree is called….
A. Sapwood.
B. Mahogany wood.
C. ardwood.
D. Cherrywood.

17. Which of the following is one example of non- ferrous metal?
A. Steel
B. Steel
C. Magnet
D. Copper

18. Tile used for walls and floors in building is a product from
A. metals.
B. glass.
C. concrete.
D. ceramics.

19. Which of the following is a drug control agency?

20. Which of the following is a natural drug?
A. Aspirin
B. Panadol
C. Rob
D. Tobacco

Objective Questions 21-50 Removed, you can get it when you make a purchase.

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Basic Science and Technology Theory Mock Questions

Answer any five questions with a least one from each section and each question carries 4 marks.

Basic Technology
1. Write short note on the following:
a. Equilateral triangle
b. Isosceles triangle
2a. What is preventive maintenance?
2b. Give two examples.

Basic Science
3a. State five (5) characteristics of living things,
3b. In a tabular form, classify the following living and non living matter;
Books, Pencils, Man, Table, Rat, Grass, Dog, Elephant, Soil, Housefly, Stone, Beads, Goat, Water, Ants, Biro, Rocks, Tree.
4a. Define Energy.
4b. State four different forms of energy.

Information Technology
5a. What is computer ethics.
5b. List three computer room management ethics.

6a. What is Database?
6b. List five Database terminologies.

Physical and Health Education
7a. Define Physical fitness,
7b. State four importance of physical fitness.

8a. Define Safety.
8b. List 6 playground safety measures.

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