How to Resize Passport Photograph for NYSC Registration

How to Resize Passport Photograph for NYSC Registration… A digital or scan passport Photograph need to abide by very strict specification if you want to used it for National Youth Service Corps NYSC Registration.

To find out what make a digital or Scan passport acceptable for use in the National Youth Service Corps Registration, let cas an eye over our handy quick facts.

NYSC Photo Specification

Photo Color: Full color
Head size and position: (eyes, nose, ears, mouth and jaw) is fully shown without bending
Background: white or off-white
Smile: Neutral smile, please try to avoid frowning or smiling too much
Eyes: Open, visible and directed at camera
Glasses: None
Recency: Note Older than Three months
Environment: well Illuminated

NYSC Photo Requirements.

Use good lighting so that face has the same amount of light on every part.
No one else should be in the photo with you.

NYSC Passport Background.

The NYSC application photo should have a white or off-white background.

Must be a recent photo taken not less than three months ago.

Passport Size for NYSC Registration

Dimension: Width 2 Inches x Height 2 Inches

Size in Kilobytes: from 8kb to 15kb

Image type: JPEG

Price and Cost for NYSC Passport Resizing

Our services are excellent for anyone needing their passport photography to be resize for the registration exercise.

The resize passport we are going to send to you will be 100% compliance and Valid.

we at has friendly prices and offer the following methods of delivery:
1. To your email address
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Tips to take a high quality photo.

Make use of white background.
Keep your face centered in the photo.
Keep a neutral facial expression, avoid smiling or frowning

Example of a valid passport photo for NYSC Registration.

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