How to Retrieve Lost JAMB Registration Number From 1995-2019 The Right Way

This article talk about how to retrieve back your forgotten/lost jamb registration number, how to recover jamb direct entry registration number, how to retrieve jamb regularization number; free online or through paid services

How to Retrieve Lost Jamb Registration Number

For JAMB Candidate, if you have lost your jamb login details, such as your username and password, getting back your jamb registration number required a premium service, do not be deceived you can get it free online from jamb portal, it is a paid service, if you are still searching how to obtain it free online, and you are reading this message please stop searching for that, and follow this procedure on how to retrieve it back.

How to Retrieve Jamb Direct Entry Registration Number

For Direct Entry Candidate, once you lost you direct entry registration number, even if you have your login details for jamb portal, you will not be able to get it back, once you misplace it, it is gone, the only option to recover it back is through a paid option through JAMB

How to Retrieve Jamb Regularization Number.

Those that did jamb regularization also fall into same categories of jamb direct entry, once you misplace your registration number you have to pay to recover it back, you cannot get it free online.

How to Recover JAMB Reg Number for a Given Year

For candidate that wrote jamb exam between 2003 – 2015, do not bother yourself trying to search for your jamb login details, you will not be able to log in even if you have it. You can only get your registration number, result slip or admission letter through paid service run by jamb.

For candidate that wrote jamb examination between 2016 – till date, here is how to obtain your jamb registration number free online, please note, it does not work for everybody, if it does not work for you, then you have no option than to go through the paid services.

How to Retrieve JAMB Registration Number Online Free

1. Visit the link below by click on it, or copy and paste into your address bar

2. Type in your jamb login detail, which are your jamb email address and password in the appropriate field, then click on login.

3. Look for the link My Usage and click on it. if you have used this jamb profile or account to carry out the follow services such as Result Slip printing, UTME Data Correction or Admission letter printing, you will be able to see you jamb registration number.

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How to Retrieve Jamb Examination Number Through Paid Service.

This option work for any of the given year from 1995 – till date

Step to get back you lost JAMB Reg Number

Send us the following detail below to our email address: or as text message to our official call/whatsapp number 08051311885.

1. Your Full name
2. Date of Birth
3. State of Origin
4. Exam Type (utme or polyjamb) and the year taken
5. A working or valid email address
6. Any of your phone number we can used to communicate back to you. whatsapp number is preferable.

Within 20mins – 24hrs, If you are duly registered for the said year you sent to us, we are going to send you a passport photograph of yours to your email or whatsapp number, this also indicate that we have successfully recover your forgotten registration number.

Cost to Get back your JAMB Reg Number

To get back old Reg number previous year and beyond, call/whatsapp us +2348051311885 for the cost.
To get back forgotten recent reg number; current year, we charge 1600

Payment Procedure to Get back Your Lost Jamb Examination Number.

After payment of the said amount for examination number into any of the Bank

account I will send to you on request.

Send an sms in this format stated below to this mobile/whatsapp number 08051311885.
Depositor Name (your full name)
Teller no:
Email address:
Services Paid for:

ATM, Mobile and Online Money transfer also accepted.

Your examination number will be deliver to you, 10 mins after confirmation of payment

Other Service we can be of Help to you

We can help you get back the following
Jamb Result slip for any given year
Jamb Admission Letter for any given year
Direct Entry Acknowledgement slip for a current year
Regularization for NYSC and Admission Letter


  1. Please how can I get my registration number I have tried others means from different website, but all seem not to work pls help me out.

  2. please help me retrieve my jamb reg no I lost everything …….year 2014 jamb candidate , Audu Emmanuel Emoh, Edo State

  3. Thanks for helping me out, I doubted at first, I will refer you to anyone that has same problem.

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