How to Capture Biometric and Photograph in NYSC Offline Application Software

How to capture biometric and Photograph in NYSC Offline Application software using DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 fingerprint scanner.. The ability of the National Youth Service Corps Offline Application to work and function on your computer system effectively, largely depends on some fundamental requirements.

Application/System Requirements

These requirements are classified into two: Application Requirements and System Requirements.

The Application Requirement include – DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 fingerprint scanner.

The System Requirement include –
Before the NYSC offline application can work effectively on your computer system, the computer system properties should have:
• Not Less than 2GB RAM (Random Access Memory).
• Not Less than 128 GB ROM (Read Only Memory) [hard disk memory].
• Not Less than 2.40 GHz processor.
• Operating System: Windows operating System or MAC OS.

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How to Capture Biometric and Photograph in NYSC Offline Application Software.

01. Launch the NYSC Biometric Capture Client.

02. Type in the Prospective Corps member PCM email address and password, then click on login.

03. Capture the PCM Photograph using the system or external webcam.

04. Connect the recommended NYSC fingerprint scanner (Digital Persona 4500).

05. Place each finger thumb on the Digital Persona 4500 Finger Scanner, Starting with the left thumb then followed by the right.

06. Click on continue capture.

07. Repeat same process.

08. Click on Save Details.

09. If correctly capture, it will prompt a message saying ” you have successfully enrolled your fingerprint and passport Photograph.
10. Click ok, to complete it.

Please NOTE: Your Registration is not complete until you have successfully submitted your detail online.

How to Capture Fingerprint in NYSC Biometric Capture Client – Youtube Video

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