Primary Four, Five, Six Past Exam Questions Paper 1st, 2nd, 3rd Term PDF Download

Do you want to download Primary four, five, six Exam Past Questions Paper? Are you looking for Middle Basic 4 – 6 Past Questions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term, on the following subject: Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies, Basic Science, quantitative reasoning e.t.c.

Then your search end here.

Before a pupils is promoted into the next class, he/she is expected to pass the above subject.

Most pupils do fail or perform below expectation, as a result of this, we have compiled exam past question for middle basic 4 – 6 pupils preparing for test or exam.

The Primary 4 – 6 exam past questions served as a reference material and also help teacher to set test and examination question.

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Feature of the Middle Basic Exam Past Question Paper

Is based on the Nerdc Curriculum.
Can be view and read on any Smart Phone
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Exam Past Questions for Primary Four – Six (Middle Basic)

Every pupils at this Level (Primary 4, 5 or 6) offer the following core subjects.
1. English Studies.
2. Mathematics.
3. One Major (Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba).
4. Basic Science & Technology.
5. Religion and National Values.
6. Pre-Vocational Studies.
7. Cultural & Creative Arts (CCA).
8. Arabic Language (optional).
9. French Language.

Primary School past questions and answers

Primary Four Verbal Reasoning Question

Subject: Verbal Reasoning
Class: Primary Four
Instructions: Answer all Questions

Bold the word that does not belong to these groups.
Example: Water, Liquid, Stone, Kerosene
Now do these
1. Always, Forever, Never, Endless, Perpetual
2. Desert, Forsake, Abandon, Abide, Guilt
3. Disagree, Respect, Stone, Degrade, Embarrass
4. Want, Desire, Wish, Need, Reject
5. Warri, Akure, Forest, Sokoto, Bauchi

Teacher is to pupil as Father is to Mother
Now do these
6. Grass is to goat as bone is to _________
7. Hammer is to carpenter as chalk is to _________
8. Soil is to plant as water is to _________
9. Old is to young as Rich is to _________
10. Accept is t reject as Come is to _________
11. List the five letters of vowel ________
12. How many consonant do we have __________
13. How many alphabet do we have ___________
14. Write A-P and number them

Choose the meaning of these words
15. Gap = Narrow, Wide, Spice
16. Select = Have, See, Choose
17. New = Old, Modern, Nest
18. War = Battle, Friendship, Ally
19. Finish = Start, Complete, Rush
20. World = Ground, Earth, Police

Basic Science Exam Question for Primary Five

Theory – SECTION B
1. Name and explain two movement of the earth
b. what is force
c. list two type of force

2. Define eclipse
b. mention the types of eclipse

3. The earth is divided into three parts name them
b. What is friction?

4. Name the component of the circulatory system
b. state 3 functions of the blood

5. State 3 effects of earth rotation
b. What is reproduction
c. Name three (3) weather instrument
d. List two (2) weather symbols

Primary Six Text Paper.

1. The place value of the underlined digit in 2552 is _________
(a) unit (b) tens (c) hundred (d) thousand.

2. Write in figure: Six million, four hundred and three thousand and seventy.
(a) 6403070 (b) 6040307 (c) 6403700 (d) 700

3. The prime numbers from 0 – 10 are ___
(a) 2,3, 5, 7 (b) 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 (c) 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 (d) 3, 5, 7

4. Simplify 3/7 + 2/7
(a) 3/7 (b)2/7 (c)5/7 (d)6/7

5. Change ½ to a decimal fraction
(a) 0.2 (b) 0.5 (c) 0.1 (d) 0.3

1. Simplify 4 1/3 – 1 7/8
2. Express 64 as a product of its prime factors.
3. Change 11/8 to a decimal fraction

SECTION C: Quantitative Reasoning.

How to Download Primary four, five, Six Exam Questions Paper.

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